Sandwiches To Avoid at Lenny’s & Todaro Brothers

June 24, 2008

A bad sandwich is like a missed layup, it invokes groans and easily avoidable pain. NYC Food Guy is here to tell you to avoid the #2 Italian Style sandwich at Lenny’s (top) and any sandwich that’s made to order at Todaro Brothers (bottom) on 2nd Ave and 31st street.

  • Lenny’s rarely disappoints but the generic genoa salami, cappicola and provolone make their #2 Italian Style ($6.99 sandwich, $7.99 hero) a bad sandwich.  Extra points lost for jalapenos over banana peppers.  Stick with the G3 or Smoked Chicken Deluxe
  • Todaro Brothers, an overpriced Italian grocery in Murray Hill, receives my ire because of their inconsistent pricing and careless attitude towards sandwich construction.  The roast turkey with lettuce, tomato, coarsely sliced Swiss and entirely too much mayo cost me $12 one time and $9 another. Absurd. Go here for humus, salads (great vinaigrette), cheese and sliced meats, but avoid anything that doesn’t have a set price tag. You want a good sandwich in Murray Hill go to Lamazou.

BOS & Lucky Sunday: Worst General Tso’s I’ve Ever Had

May 15, 2008

Why change it up when I know I’ve found the best? With food, trying a new version of an old favorite ends in disappointment at least 9 out of 10 times. After Zach at Midtown Lunch tested out China Gourmet’s General Tso’s on my recommendation, I decided to follow suit, trying one of his readers picks, BOS & Lucky Sunday. As soon as I removed the tiny container from the paper delivery bag, I knew this was trouble. It doesn’t look awful, but looks were deceiving. And don’t even get me started on the dumplings.