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19 Responses to “Subscribe to NYC Food Guy”

  1. Gilda MacDonald Says:

    I am a friend of Laura Farina’s. I love what you do. Have you been to Blue Smoke?

  2. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Miss MacDonald,

    Great to hear from you. Thanks for the kinds words. I’ve been to Blue Smoke once and enjoyed myself. I had Memphis Baby Backs and Kansas City Spare Ribs, I liked the Memphis better. The pulled pork wasn’t amazing, neither was the burger. If you get french fries, I recommend you ask for them cooked well done. The sweet potato fries were not what I expected, instead of being thin and crispy they were more or less quartered sweet potatoes. Not what I expected and very filling. The maple sauce that came with the sweet potato fries, while great in concept, was poor in delivery. The mac and cheese was very creamy and rich but wasn’t amazing and neither was the creamed spinach. The one thing I didn’t get to try but wanted to were the chipotle wings. As you can imagine I was definitely full after my meal but wasn’t wowed.

    Have you been to Blue Smoke or any other BBQ places in NYC? Any favorites? Are you from the island?

  3. Snatch Says:

    It’s great to see such a non commercialized site that makes criticisms based on experience and not the $$$. Thanks dude. You should extend to Chi-town the food there is much better. LOL.

  4. sd Says:


  5. Angela Says:

    sounds good…sigh me up!!!!

  6. Rich Says:

    Hey, food guy, talked to you in San Diego. I’m the one with the cream cheese bacon hebrew national dogs on Garnet Ave, Pacific Beach. I saw the ‘crif’ dog on your site but that had cheddar cheese on it. Phily Cream Cheese with bacon and a couple of jalapenos is the only way to go.

    Hope you enjoyed your stay in sunny San Diego.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Please subscribe me.

  8. Kelly from the airport Says:

    I almost threw up from the sight of your burger…i guess you like meat!

  9. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Well I’m sorry to hear that, it was certainly not my intention. Welcome to my site I guess, ha. Let’s just say I’m a bit of a burger lover. What are your feelings?

    Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. Shoot me an email if you’re down to grab a bite or just wanted some recommendations.

  10. Linda B. Jones Says:

    Appreciate all of your reviews, especially the tiny places where you can truly find the taste of nirvana. I’d love to get a courtesy email subscription to NYC Food Guy (or a similar publication). l’ll watch for each issue with glee (well, at least mild enthusiasm ). Thanks, All!

    Linda B. Jones
    New York City

  11. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Thanks for the kind words. I’ll add you to my mailing list. It’s all about the tiny places that have big food. Do you have any spots that you’d like me to review?

  12. Tricia Says:

    Hi NYCFoodGuy,

    I’m impressed with your site. You have some good picks here. I do think you use the term “healthy” a bit too loosely but otherwise I like what you’re doing.

    I’ve actually have had dinner with you before and have witnessed your extensive food photo shoots. Where’s the food from El Parador?

  13. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Thanks for the kind words and yes, I do use the word “healthy”, loosely. If something omits bacon, then it’s healthy. That’s a nice definition.

    El Parador is definitely on the way.

  14. nyc food guy Says:

    you’re my idol!!!

  15. Diane Says:

    Thanks for including me on your amazing site Happy day!

  16. MsMimosaBarrioNYC Says:

    Hey, have you reviewed any Soul food up in Harlem lately or downtown Brooklyn area? You should do a 5 Boro food tour one summer, its fun. Graduated culinary school a few years ago, nothing they teach you is what’s out here, weird. I’ll stick to my mama’s cooking. All fatty, filling full of that wonderful Nuyorican Flavor and delicious! LMAO

  17. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Great to hear from you. I love the idea. What are you working on these days? Where do you cook? I’m definitely ready for some Soul Food action in Harlem. Where do you recommend? I think my first stop should be Amy Ruth’s?

  18. MsMimosaBarrioNYC Says:

    well I’ve moved down to a little ghost town called High Point, NC about a years and a half ago and it hasnt worked out so i’ll be moving back to NYC, Brooklyn in fact in a few months. I’ll be working on a Nuyorican/Soul cuisine restaurant when I get back.

    Amy Ruth’s is decent, a little cramped, staff a little busy, sometimes rude but you’ll have to critic for yourself. It’s almost difficult to find real “Soul Food” without it being a stereotypical greasy hole in the wall but thankfully because of its current revival (I wanna thank the brave white folks who are now buying those 7 figure condos in the area LOL) there are more upscale places. I’ll pass on a few and that shold get you started.

    LONDEL’S SUPPER CLUB – 2620 Fredrick Douglass Blvd. (8th Ave.)-212-234-6114, Striver’s Row area , btwn 139th & 140th, their website is beautiful, showing off their dinner plates but they serve brunch as well. Do not go on a Sunday, huge church crowd as with most of the big restuarant in the area. Oh and Sylvia’s is overratted so dont bother.

    Next is – DINOSAUR BAR B QUE, 646 W. 131st btwn B’way and the Henry Hudson Pkway (1 or the 9 is your closes train):

    It’s like house of blues meets the Hard Rock, a geuine honky tonk rib joint as they claim with slammin’ BBQ, weird because its not typical of Harlem fare yet draws in a diverse crowd from all over the city which is good for Harlem. Be perpared to make reservations, wear a shirt you dont care about because their caveman sized meals are no joke. They opened back in 2004 so they have a decent following. Oh and its a little like Dallas BBQ’s, rowdy but not too much. I suggested starting off with the Dino appy and working your way towards either the Pit or the specialty sandwiches.

    By the way all of these places are moderately priced require reservations and are open for lunch and dinner so bring a friend or two and go dutch or trois lol.
    The third place is somewhat bougie and foo foo for my taste, I laugh at the artistic efforts of the chef as a vertical colorful salad is set before me drizzled with a strange yet intersting fusion vinagrette. The food is very upscale in taste and appearance.

    TERRACE IN THE SKY – 400 W. 119th St. NYC 10027, I think it was on Morningside you’d have to call to get exact cross street, go to their web page to make reservations or call information. Look over their website, you’ll find really nice pics of their food and menu with pricing.

    AND THE LAST RECCOMENDATION – (Certainly not the least)
    Back to 8th Ave. for a swanky bistro called REVIVAL –
    French American cuisine infuded with the influences of Caribbean. Creole and Soul ( So it says on their site.
    quickest way to get there is by train: A,B,C, or D to 125th St. exit then walk two blocks up towards 127th then walk east, its on the corner. If you are not sure call 212-222-8338, I dont remeber if you needed reservations so call to be sure.

    I hope this all was helpful, I will send you places for the Barrio next. Lots of great Spanish food here, the little holes in the walls here are the best in the hood! Bon Appetite!

    This is the only place I have not eaten but here locals talk about it as if Josphine Baker were cooking herself (she was a black american singer who lived in France in the 20’s’ & 30’s, way before both our time lol) It’s mardi gras meets Junkanoo I guess. again check out thier site first for more info.

  19. MsMimosaBarrioNYC Says:

    sorry the very last statement was about REVIVAL, didnt mean to confuse.

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