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Tasty Thai Lunch Special for $7.55 at Chai (Eat In Only, 11:30AM to 4PM)

September 6, 2008

Finding a filling and delicious lunch in Midtown for under $10 is quite a challenge. But if you work in walking distance from Chai on 55th Street & 8th Avenue, you can now get out of the office for a Thai Lunch Special that can’t be beat. You can fill your stomach for $8 by choosing one of 13 entrees plus a salad, spring roll or soup. Read on for the review and a look at what else you can choose for under $8.

Chicken Pad Thai (above, $6.75) Side Salad with peanut dressing (below, included in special)



Wondee Siam’s Pork Drunken Noodles (Key Mao Pork): Skimpy Portion & Undesirable Veggies

April 24, 2008

Wondee Siam was recommended to me after the Midtown Pork Drunken Noodle Showdown between Topaz and Pam Real Thai Encore. Pork Drunken Noodles (flat noodles sauteed with Thai Chiles and Basil) is my favorite Thai dish and I haven’t found anywhere that does it better than Topaz. I’m the NYC Food Guy, however, and I have an open mind, so it hurt me that much more when Wondee Siam showed up with two skimpy portions of Drunken Noodles ($8.50 each) filled with the most undesirable and out of place vegetables I’ve ever encountered in any Thai dish.

Cauliflower? Cabbage? Zucchini? What are these vegetables doing in my Drunken Noodles? They’re obviously there to make a severely small portion look heartier and to decorate the appearance of some extremely mediocre pork (tough and stringy). Overall, this dish was greasy, weak on flavor and spice, and a straight up rip off. I usually like to give places more than one chance to impress but Wondee Siam gave me NO REASON to return.

See the rest of my Drunken Noodle Tour here.

Wondee Siam 792 9th Ave b/t 52-53 St. New York, NY 10019

(212) 459-9057

Midtown Drunken Noodle Showdown: Topaz vs Pam Real Thai Encore

April 14, 2008

When you talk about Midtown Thai, there is no hands down go-to spot. Everyone has their individual favorites because everyone’s definition of great Thai varies. NYC Food Guy has been in the process of paring down the competition by eating one of only two dishes at every place: Pad Thai with Chicken and the Dish of the Day Drunken Noodles (Pad Key Mao) with Pork. This is New York and there’s no better way to determine who’s best than by pitting two places together in a head-to-head fight to the death. In other words, an NYC Food Guy Showdown! There will be a lot more of these, but what better to debut with than a fiery Drunken Noodles battle royale?


Pongsri Thai: Mediocre Drunken Noodles in Midtown West

February 8, 2008

Pongsri Thai, the self proclaimed “oldest family-run and operated Thai restaurant in New York City”, needs to update their recipe book.  Their Pad Key Mao, or Drunken Noodles, (stir fried broad noodles with basil and chili paste) fell flat in regard to my usual expectations for Thai food: An array of flavors and texture in every bite.


The pork was tender and tasty but continue reading to see why you can pass on Pongsri…