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East Village Mexican: Skirt Steak Tacos, Tilapia Tacos, Unique Guacamole, and Perfect Churros at Mercadito Cantina

March 4, 2009

There’s still no definitive “best taco shop” in NYC and while Pinche, La Esquina and Pampano Taqueria are quality, they’re not supreme enough to keep me from telling you about the delicious skirt steak taco, tilapia taco, unique guacamoles and perfect churros at Mercadito Cantina.  Read on to find out which tacos disappointed and which of the six guacamole choices impressed…


Eye-catching tilapia tacos and a simply delicious, cinnamon-sugar covered churro.




NYC Tacos: Don’t Try To Be Healthy at Pinche Taqueria, Order Nachos Instead

January 27, 2009

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to try and eat healthy.  After a greasy late night meal my heart was begging for something unfried at lunch the next day.  I hadn’t eaten at Pinche Taqueria’s second NYC outpost on Lafayette and Bleecker, so I decided to stop in for a Taco Salad, and of course, an al pastor taco.  Good thing my friend ordered nachos because it was the chips and melted cheese that saved the meal.  Don’t forget, this location of Pinche Taqueria is open until 4AM Wednesday through Saturday.



NYC Tacos: Pinche Taqueria is Authentic & Flavorful

November 3, 2008

One of New York City’s ongoing arguments is the question of what constitutes a great taco. Can we all put our differences aside and simply focus on what’s delicious? Well NYC Food Guy can and I’m here to tell you that the tacos at Pinche Taqueria are tasty wherever you’re from. And if it’s any consolation, they’ve enlisted the assistance of several 80-year old women from Tijuana, Mexico to make sure things are up to snuff. Read on to find out which of the three tacos I tried wowed and where you can find it until 4AM Wednesday through Saturday…

Taco de Carne Asada ($2.95), Taco al Pastor ($2.95) and Taco de Pescado ($3.95)


NY Food Tour: Cheap & Authentic Late Night Mexican Food at La Esquina

August 15, 2008
NYC Food Guy Note: I’m on vacation in California so I’m sending you on a NY Food Tour to keep your stomach happy while I’m gone. Enjoy the deliciousness.

What to Eat:

Quesadilla Simple ($5.00) filled with salty, stringy queso oaxaca and fresh pico de gallo. Delicious even without the side of salsa verde. Best quesadilla Lil’ NYC Food Guy has ever had. Thanks to Mark Lewis for recommendation.

Carne Enchilada Taco ($3.00) grilled achiote rubbed pork, cilantro, onions, pineapple, salsa verde. The perfect combo of spicy (tender pork & tangy salsa verde) and sweet (chunks of fresh pineapple).

Papa, Nopales Y Chorizo Taco ($3.50) chorizo sausage, potatoes, cactus, salsa verde. More of a textural adventure with combo of spicy chorizo, starchy potato and crisp yet bland (like cabbage) shredded cactus. Better with a squeeze of lime.

  • What: Informal, Affordable & Authentic Mexican Taqueria open until 2AM nightly.
  • Where: 106 Kenmare Street b/t Lafayette St. & Cleveland Place NY, NY 10012 Delivery:646-613-1333
  • Website:
  • Inside info: The taqueria is a front for the “secret” Mexican restaurant downstairs. You can only reach it by reservation or knowing someone at the door. It’s a scene but it’s also a great date spot.

More Tacos & Mexican Food Here

More Late Night Eats Here

Burrito Box: The Best Tex Mex Delivery in Midtown

June 19, 2008

Burrito Box, on 9th Avenue between 57th & 58th, offers the best and most affordable Tex Mex delivery in Midtown.

I recommend the Grilled Chicken Burrito ($6.95) with sour cream on the side (it comes with too much in it) and a large order of chips and salsa ($3.85). The salsa is homemade and chunky, filled with chopped onion and garlic. It’s delicious, some of the best I’ve had in NYC, but spare your co-workers and have some gum on the ready.

All meats are flame grilled, tender, and delicious. Friends have spoken highly of the vegetarian burritos ($6.25 to $6.95). The quesadillas are quality too but don’t stand the test of delivery as well as the burritos. Soft tacos, particularly steak ($5.95 for 2), are also tasty, little bullets filled with your choice of meat with lettuce, tomato, and onion. Stay away from the hard tacos, they failed the test of delivery. I also didn’t enjoy the BBQ Chicken.

Here’s a link to my first two Burrito Box reviews with pics of soft tacos and quesadillas.

Leave Snack Dragon’s Tacos in their Cave

April 29, 2008

We’re all on the hunt for NYC’s best tacos so when we hear that Snack Dragon is serving cheap tacos in Alphabet City until 4AM on weekends, we have a reason to be excited right? Wrong. I hit Snack Dragon sober and had five tacos, only one of which was actually delicious. It’s unfortunate they were out of Carnitas pork, the self-proclaimed best and the only one I really wanted, because the chicken, steak, and fish were all lackluster.

The Nacharito above was the one standout. So how do you mess up tacos?


NYC Food Guy Recommends… Cheap Late Night Eats… With one worthy exception

April 18, 2008

NYC Food Guy loves nothing more than ending a night on the town with a delicious meal. Everyone has their late night pizza spot or diner, but sometimes you need to think bigger and better. I’m here to make that very easy for you by shedding light on places that stay open past bedtime or way past last call.


Burrito Box & Tuscany Catering: Midtown Redux

March 26, 2008

NYC Food Guy shines the spotlight on two Midtown spots that are still as good as the 1st time I reviewed: Tuscany Catering & The Buritto Box.


They were delicious the 1st time, curious how things could get better? Read on…


Pampano Taqueria: Midtown’s Best Pork Tacos & Fish Tacos

March 17, 2008

Notoriety through anonymity; a phenomenon strengthened by its own hypocrisy. What is it about a little-known establishment that makes it so much more alluring?

Well in a city where people pride themselves on having “a guy” or “knowing a place” that’s ideal for what you need, it’s no surprise that Midtown’s best pork & fish tacos can be found in the basement of an office building.

Mexican style pulled pork with Pico de Gallo & guacamole ($2.75)

Find out why Pampano’s Tacos take the Midtown crown after the break.


East Village Food Tour Part I: Crif Dogs, Thai Me Up, Vinny Vincenz, Zaragoza, Vanessa’s Dumplings, & Cecel Cafe Crepe

March 11, 2008

NYC Food Guy loves the East Village for its culinary variety and it’s old school New York vibe. What better way to celebrate the diversity than a food tour? But with almost 300 eateries south of 14th Street and east of 3rd Avenue, how would I narrow my tour down? Simple, I imposed two requirements: 1) A meal had to be under $10 and 2) There could be no wait staff. Bonus points awarded to late night spots.


Miss Menu & I hit 6 spots Sunday and were pleased with every spot except one. Read on for bacon wrapped hot dogs, Thai food in a baguette, excellent Sicilian pizza, authentic Mexican tacos, surprisingly good steamed veggie dumplings, and some unique crepes…


Burrito Box: Maybe the Best Mexican Delivery in Midtown

February 1, 2008

My previous post detailed my delivery disaster with Blockheads Burritos. As a result, I still hadn’t quelled my Mexican craving. Thanks to my Menu Pages method of finding a restaurant, I took a chance on Burrito Box, a place I’d never heard of. The menu seemed to offer the no frills Tex-Mex I was looking for. For once, I assumed right. I can’t crown it the best after one visit but I’m looking forward to eating here again.

Corn chips, grilled chicken tacos, and half of a grilled chicken and steak quesadilla all for $20 including tip.


Discover my Menu Pages method for finding great new restaurants plus what makes Burrito Box so good after the break.


Blockheads Burritos in Midtown West: Grilled Chicken Tacos Don’t Impress

February 1, 2008

NYC Food Guy has been craving good Mexican food lately and despite a lackluster eat-in burrito at Blockheads on the UES over a year ago, I decided to give it another shot, delivery style. Unfortunately the double-shelled grilled chicken tacos ($8.95 for a platter of 2 with rice & beans) were merely mediocre and if that’s not enough, they forgot my chips and salsa.


Where Blockheads went wrong after the break.