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NYC/Queens Best Pastrami: Ben’s Best Delivers A Classicaly Delicious Slice

January 5, 2009

The golden age of Kosher deli is long gone, but a slice of it, pun intended, is thriving at Ben’s Best in Rego Park, Queens. If the old school neon sign and the Hebrew National salamis in the window aren’t enough to prove you’ve found the genuine article, the spicy deli scent overtakes you the moment you enter the store. Read on to find out why Ben’s Best is worth the trip to Queens.


Which dish is dearest to Doctor Dyspepsia’s heart? Would King of Ketchup rather eat Katz’s?



NYC 24 Hour Restaurants: Sarge’s Delicatessen

September 18, 2008

NYC is the city that never sleeps, but in reality, quality 24 hour restaurant options are lacking. Forget the diner and the corner store, it’s time for you to check out Sarge’s Delicatessen on 3rd Avenue between 36th & 37th street. Since 1964, this kosher-style deli has been serving up overstuffed pastrami sandwiches, crinkle cut skin-on french fries and a long list of comfort food that would make Grandma proud. You can’t really go wrong at Sarge’s but read on for two dishes that got the job done.


NYC Food Guy Recommends… Cheap Late Night Eats… With one worthy exception

April 18, 2008

NYC Food Guy loves nothing more than ending a night on the town with a delicious meal. Everyone has their late night pizza spot or diner, but sometimes you need to think bigger and better. I’m here to make that very easy for you by shedding light on places that stay open past bedtime or way past last call.


Kensington Kosher Deli & Panchos Border Grill: No Frills Deli Done Right & Quality Tex-Mex Shine in Great Neck, NY

February 9, 2008

It’s time for you to take a trip to Great Neck, New York. Why? Because once you arrive you can head over to Kensington Kosher Deli for one of the most delicious sandwiches you’ll ever eat. You’d never think the sight of men in aprons would be relieving, but you know they wouldn’t be wearing them if they weren’t damn proud of their food. You can’t go wrong with the standard fare of steaming, fatty pastrami, cut thin and piled high but trust the NYC Food Guy and go for Brisket with fried onions and gravy on a club roll and an order of steak fries, well done, as seen below….



Great Neck is 40 minutes from the city on the LIRR. Learn the essentials at Kensington Deli and Pancho’s after the break.


Katz’s Deli: Carnivore’s Dream Lives up to the Legend

December 8, 2007

“This is not a restaurant for vegetarians”, said my friend Mark Lewis as we sat entranced by the overflowing Pastrami and Brisket sandwiches glistening with fat before us. It’s 12:30pm on a Friday and I’m eating at Katz’s Deli for the very first time. Yes, NYC Food Guy has finally arrived at what is arguably NYC’s last remaining monument to kosher style deli (kosher style, not kosher), and not a moment too soon; rumors of Katz’s imminent extinction have been buzzing for the last few years. After today’s meal, however, I’ve experienced the greatness and I will return, but more for the Brisket & Vanilla Egg Cream than the Pastrami.


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