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East Village Italian: Great Food, Great Service & Great Atmosphere at Gnocco

August 28, 2008

Everyone always asks me for my Italian restaurant recommendation and surprisingly, I didn’t have one until I ate at Gnocco, on 10th Street between Avenues A & B. The food is delicious and affordable, the service is attentive and helpful, and the atmosphere, thanks to the backyard garden, is great for a date or dinner with the family. Read on to find out more about the best gnocchi I’ve ever had.



Frankies Spuntino 17 Clinton Street: Ambiance & Service Make the Meal

May 27, 2008

As delicious as Italian food is, I rarely crave it, letting pizza and some of NYC’s more heart-stopping offerings fill the void. Frankies Spuntino 17 Clinton Street on the LES, has been on my radar for a while, namely for its heralded meatball sandwiches on Grandaisy rosemary bread and also for the homemade cavatelli with Faicco’s hot sausage and browned sage butter. One dish excelled, the other underwhelmed, but it was the ambiance that will bring me back. Read on to find out why…