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Five Guys Hot Dog: Delicious With Bacon, Cheese & Jalapenos

November 7, 2008

Sometimes you just feel like shaking it up. And sometimes you feel like it would be a bit redundant to post another rosy review of Five Guys Burgers. Whatever your motivation is, the next time you’re at Five Guys you too should get a bacon cheese dog. Add some jalapenos, since all toppings after crispy bacon and melted American cheese are free, and get a regular order of Cajun fries.


Five Guys is cool because after filling your Styrofoam cup with fries they’ll pour in a heaping pile of extra fries for free. Dip your fries in malt vinegar, then ketchup. Trust me. All together it will cost you around $11 with a regular drink (free refills) and will make your stomach happy (for a little while).

Five Guys Burgers & Fries Multiple Locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & New Jersey


Crif Dogs: Cheap Late Night Eats on Another Level

August 2, 2008

Bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs with all the toppings your imagination can conjure. Crif Dogs, on St Mark’s near Avenue A, is the cheap late night eats (open till 2AM Thursday, 4AM Friday & Saturday) spot that dreams are made of.

Above you’re looking at the Good Morning ($4.50), a bacon wrapped deep fried dog resting on top of a slice of American cheese and a fried egg and a bacon wrapped deep fried dog covered in melted cheddar, chili and jalapenos ($6.23), a creation of Lil’ NYC Food Guy aka my brother.

The Good Morning is awesome although the Chihuahua is still my favorite. Read on for more madness.


Nathan’s Famous: Nothing Better Than Coney Island

June 21, 2008

Purists be damned, there is no better hot dog than a Chili Cheese Dog only from Nathan’s on Surf & Stillwell in Coney Island. A garlicky, juicy and snappy all-beef dog covered in mild beef chili and heart-slowing warm cheddar cheese sauce, it’s heaven on a bun and it’s an authentic New York experience.

If you haven’t been to Coney Island recently, get out there.  You can take a ride on the Cyclone, eat pizza at the legendary Totonno’s (just a block away from Nathan’s), grab some hot dogs, and go see the Mets future stars playing for the Brooklyn Cyclones.  Read on to find out if the bacon cheese dog was better than it looked plus some delicious fry photos.