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King of Ketchup ripped off by UWS Cottage’s “All You Can Drink” Wine

January 3, 2008

***DISCLAIMER*** The review you are about to read is written by King of Ketchup NOT the NYC Food Guy. King of Ketchup is a friend of the site and his opinions do not represent those of NYC Food Guy.

As seasoned alcoholics and lovers of everything Szechuan, a few friends and I, King of Ketchup (not NYC Food Guy), decided to check out The Cottage last Friday night — a Chinese restaurant on the UWS that supposedly served unlimited wine with dinner. The Cottage (a ridiculous name for a Chinese restaurant) sits at the corner of 77th & Amsterdam, just a few blocks away from another Chinese restaurant with all-you-can-drink wine, Silk Road Palace. I went to “the palace” years ago when I was still underage, but I do recall that the speed and ferocity in which they continued to refill our empty wine glasses was incredible; at no point during the meal did we have fewer than two full carafes of wine on the table. So fast-forward to last Friday night, and let me walk you through the dining experience at the “other” all-you-can-drink wine restaurant, The Cottage.