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Doughnut Plant at Dean and Deluca next to 30 Rock

March 6, 2008

For those who don’t all ready know about the Doughnut Plant’s uniquely delicious doughnuts, you can discover the glory of the Lower East Side landmark without leaving Midtown. Dean and Deluca right next to the Today Show studio serves up a small offering of the diverse Doughnut shop’s menu daily. Below is the glazed toasted almond, which was airy and coated in chopped almond but not as delicious as the Good Humor ice cream variety.


I’ve been down to the LES spot, which is closed on Mondays (I’ve fallen prey to that) and closes as soon as they run out of doughnuts when they’re open (I’ve fallen prey to that as well). When I finally did make it there I found Coconut cream Doughnuts, Passion Fruit Glazed Doughnuts, Churros, and what I thought was the best: the Glazed Tres Leche cake doughnut with a ring of creamy custard running around the entire thing. If you do decide to head downtown, make the most by picking up some legendary Kossar’s Bialys next door or grab a pizza in the outdoor backyard of Isabella’s.

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