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Dinosaur BBQ: Chicken Wing Redux

April 7, 2008

NYC Food Guy wants to take a moment to reiterate the deliciousness of Dinosaur BBQ’s Chicken Wings. King of Ketchup noted their supremacy a few months back but I had them this past weekend and they were excellent. Massive, juicy, and doused in tangy, spicy sauce, they alone warrant a trip to Harlem. I recommend the Wango Tango which provides a spice that will make you sweat without overpowering the perfectly charred skin. I implore you to ask for them well done because when cooked right, you’ll understand why man invented fire.


King of Ketchup’s 1st Post: Dinosaur BBQ Wings: Real F#*$in’ Wings, Right Off The Grill

December 18, 2007

In the spirit of spreading the word on as much food as possible, NYC Food Guy welcomes the opinions of eaters everywhere.

This marks the first post from King of Ketchup, a good friend of NYC Food Guy. He brings his brutally honest critique and well- honed palate to the proverbial table. Check it out and let us know how he did.


Sure, Dinosaur BBQ is a little bit out of the way. Harlem isn’t exactly the most convenient or desirable location to go for a meal, but if you’re a wing-lover, you might want to make an exception and take the trip uptown. These wings are for real, and nothing like the standard bar-wings most of us are accustomed to. Nope, they aren’t straight out of the freezer, they aren’t deep fried, and they aren’t served with an insufficient covering of generic Frank’s Red Hot.