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NYC Food Guy Video: Citi Field Food Preview

April 3, 2009

If you haven’t already read NYC Food Guy’s Citi Field Preview, don’t worry because now you can WATCH IT!

Click Here or on the photo below to watch NYC Food Guy &’s Citi Field Food Preview on YouTube!


You can also click on this photo to view the NYC Food Guy video


Citi Field Food Preview: A Culinary Revolution

April 1, 2009

The Mets first official game at their new ballpark, Citi Field, is just two weeks away and what better way to heighten the excitement than with a preview of the unprecedented culinary revolution taking place in Flushing? The Mets opened the doors to Citi Field Tuesday to introduce the three Culinary All-Stars behind all the magic: Danny Meyer, Drew Nieporent & Dave Pasternack.

Check out the Culinary All-Stars on the big screen

Check out the Culinary All-Stars on the big screen

After the All-Stars received honorary Mets jerseys, a massive tasting began: tacos, pulled pork, frites with dipping sauce, Italian heroes, pizza, sushi, porchetta, mac and cheese with pancetta, skirt steak, burgers, sausage and peppers, fried fish sandwiches, cannolis, and chocolate mousse.

Top: Mets-Sprinkle Cannolis, Grandma Pizza, Italian Hero Middle: Steak Tacos, Sushi, Porchetta Bottom: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Mac & Cheese w/ Panchetta, "Drive-In" Burgers

TOP: Mets-Sprinkle Cannolis, Grandma Pizza, Italian Hero MIDDLE: Steak Tacos, Sushi, Porchetta BOTTOM: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Mac & Cheese w/ Pancetta, "Drive-In" Burgers

After all that, Shake Shack’s burger, the grandma pie from The Original Cascarino’s of College Point, the Box Frites and the white cheddar mac and cheese with pancetta were my favorite bites.

Stay tuned to for a video preview of Citi Field food starring yours truly and Ted Berg of


Eating at Shea Stadium: Nathan’s Foot Long Chili Cheese Dog & Nathan’s Fries

April 25, 2008

Unlike Dodger Dogs in Los Angeles, Chili Cheese Coneys in Cincinnati, or Garlic Fries in San Fran, Major League Baseball in New York is known more for its overpriced players than its overpriced stadium grub. Enter NYC Food Guy. I’m here to tell you that if you’re going to Shea Stadium the best bang for your buck may just be the $7 Nathan’s Chili Cheese Foot Long Hot Dog.

$7 for one hot dog is ridiculous, but this puppy is a meal. Beefy chili, artery clogging cheddar cheese sauce, and a plump, juicy dog (ask for a well done one). It’s obviously not as good as the Nathan’s in Coney Island, especially when it comes to the flimsy white bun, which collapsed under the weight of the dog and toppings. The dog is typical Nathan’s, not too snappy with a balanced flavor between garlic and beef. The chili is beefy and thin but works well with the overtly artificial cheese sauce, which was killing me slowly.

The fries ($5.00) are certainly Nathan’s style, but definitely not up to par. They’re never really crispy, even at the real Nathan’s, but most of the time at Shea they’re not only soggy but cold too. I’m a french fry addict, I have a hard time not getting them, but I will definitely pass on these next time I attend a Mets game and I suggest you do the same. Honorable mention to Leo’s Latticini (a.k.a Mama’s) Italian heroes which I hear are significantly better at the actual Corona, Queens store.