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NY Food Tour: Roast Pork Sesame Pancake at Vanessa’s Dumplings

August 19, 2008

NYC Food Guy Note: I’m on vacation in California so I’m sending you on a NY Food Tour to keep your stomach happy while I’m gone. Enjoy the deliciousness.

  • What: Tender, fatty roast pork stewed in its own juices then chopped and covered in lettuce, cilantro, sliced carrot and cucumber and wedged between two halves of a crisp, greasy sesame pancake (similar to scallion pancakes though less flaky). This messy sandwich provides a wonderful confluence of flavor and texture. Add some standard hot sauce (not Sirracha despite the refilled bottles) for extra bite. The vegetable sesame pancake is equally delicious.
  • Cost: $2.99
  • Where: 220 East 14th Street near 3rd Avenue NY, NY 10003
  • Inside info: Combine a sesame pancake with an order of fried pork dumplings ($2.00) and you’ve got a great meal for just over $5.00. Both the fried pork dumplings and steamed vegetable dumplings are reliably delicious. Bite a little hole in the top of each dumpling then squirt in soy sauce for maximum enjoyment. Unfortunately, Vanessa’s can’t satisfy late night urges, they close at 10PM.

East Village Food Tour Part I: Crif Dogs, Thai Me Up, Vinny Vincenz, Zaragoza, Vanessa’s Dumplings, & Cecel Cafe Crepe

March 11, 2008

NYC Food Guy loves the East Village for its culinary variety and it’s old school New York vibe. What better way to celebrate the diversity than a food tour? But with almost 300 eateries south of 14th Street and east of 3rd Avenue, how would I narrow my tour down? Simple, I imposed two requirements: 1) A meal had to be under $10 and 2) There could be no wait staff. Bonus points awarded to late night spots.


Miss Menu & I hit 6 spots Sunday and were pleased with every spot except one. Read on for bacon wrapped hot dogs, Thai food in a baguette, excellent Sicilian pizza, authentic Mexican tacos, surprisingly good steamed veggie dumplings, and some unique crepes…