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Food is the simplest pleasure in life and The NYC Food Guy has three even simpler goals:

  1. Lead you to delicious and affordable food
  2. Exhibit my culinary adventures with mouth-watering photos
  3. Update you on new places in Manhattan, the 4 outer boroughs, and Long Island

I want to hear your recommendations and feedback.

E-mail me at:

Thanks and Happy Eating!

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52 Responses to “Contact NYC Food Guy”

  1. Cesar Fuentes Says:

    Nice site!

  2. Isiahaterbbqlvr Says:

    Hey Food Dude-you don’t know BBQ unless you been to Daisy May’s BBQ! Check it out before you are the last in line.

  3. Food for Thought Says:

    It’s been fun keeping up with the eating spots you check out.
    I’ve gone to some based on your say so…and I’ve been
    Keep on eating….

  4. Try This Says:

    Theres a really good chicken and rice place on Steinway St, Queens, NY. The chicken there is tasteful and really good. You should go and try it out.. Its at the corner of Steinway St and 34th ave. in Astoria its right outside the R,V trainstation for Steinway St.

  5. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Try This,

    Nice, thanks for the recommendation, I am way overdue for some serious Astoria time. What other recommendations do you have as MUST EATS in Astoria?

  6. betazen Says:

    Hey Lawrence! Been going here for lunch for a few weeks now. Try Shih Lee for Chinese! 311 E 45th St (between 2nd and 1st.)

  7. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Nice thanks. What’s your dish of choice? What do you recommend?

  8. betazen Says:

    Well, if you go for lunch get there early and try the chicken and broccoli, pepper steak, sweet plantains (maduras!!) and the general tso can be decent. Sometimes it can be cold if you get there too late but I normally take it to work to microwave it later on anyway. The dinner stuff is pretty damn good and have had just about everything.

  9. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    What do you mean it can be cold? It’s a buffet?

  10. Emily Mann Says:

    Hi Lawrence,

    Your dad gave me the tip about your website. It’s very cool. I’ll forward it to Josh; he lives in the East Village. His girlfriend Sunday is a vegetarian, so there seem to be some good choices. Will check back for more info.
    By the way, Neal and I are looking for a good place to eat an early dinner before going to the Eagles concert at MSG on 5/30. Any suggestions?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    No love for Greek good? Chicken Souvlaki is where its at. Tzasiki is the sauce that dreams are made of. Good talk

  12. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    No disrespect intended, just haven’t had any Greek places on the list. Do you have suggestions in the city?

  13. betazen Says:

    Check out midtown lunch. He oddly enough, just reviewed the joint.

  14. MM Says:

    Do you usually sit and eat inside all of the restaurants you visit? As time is an issue for me, I want to know how I can grab something you recommend and still walk around NYC. For example, your photo of the chili cheese fries from Rub looks amazing. I would assume that would be difficult to eat while walking/standing outside (I’d probably get a lot of stares too). I also love Chinese food and your recommendation for China Gourment’s general tso platter is something I must try. Do you always eat at your desk at work? Any suggestions on how I can take my food and eat it outside instead of buying it and carrying it around with me all day only to go back to my hotel room to eat it … cold?

  15. Uncle Mark Says:

    Great site dude! Wish I were more in Manhattan to enjoy and sample some of your recommendations. Got a real chuckle at the in depth review of french fries around the city! Expected and perfect given my knowledge of your family’s long time fascination abnd appreciation of this delicacy.

    Best of luck to you with the site.

  16. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    My only suggestion is to really map out your route such that you end up going to the places you want to get hot food at right before you head back to the hotel. Even if you walked around with a heat bag, no food would be as delicious as it is when you get it at the restaurant. If you’re in need of assistance finding food places along the route you’re planning, feel free to email me at

    Thanks for stopping by.

  17. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Uncle Mark,

    Well said sir. Thanks for the kind words. Next time you and Carol go somewhere good I’d love to hear about it.

  18. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    So you’ve got an Uncle Mark, too? Hmmmm….

    I note that some of your posters have the same fingerprint. Could KofK, #1 Fan and HOV-POV all be the guy in the sombrero on TV? Also with an Uncle Mark? What are the odds?

    Anyway, I await the Ben’s Best adventure. You can run, Food Guy, but you cannot escape destiny!

    The Doctor

  19. king of ketchup Says:

    Dr. D, I am neither #1 fan or HOV-POV, quit trying to soil my good name.

  20. MM Says:

    Hey! I just came back from NYC this evening and I wanted to give you some feedback on 3 of your recommendations – Virgil’s (for the trainwreck fries), Topaz (for the drankin chicken) and Bleeker’s (for the nonna maria slice). The fries were good, but you have to eat them right away (before the other entrees) as the cheese/toppings hardens quickly and you get “lumps” on your fries. Unfortunately I could only say that the fries were mediocre. Please keep looking for places that put toppings galore on fries while the cheese is still “liquidy” and keep us posted! The drankin (or drunkin??) noodles were good at Topaz. I didn’t know the noodles were thick vermicelli rolls that were cut up (I thought they were flat wide noodles). The dish is sweet, and the thick noodles were a change of pace. My sisters and I gave this place a thumbs up! The nonna slice at Bleekers was really good! I enjoyed the thin slices and the simple toppings. I would love to have tried all of their slices, but I was hungry for a meal and ordered the baked ziti. It’s sooooo good. It’s “wet” and “tomato saucy” and “cheesy”… just plain yummy! Your recommendations helped the three of us tremendously and when I come back to NYC in November, you can be sure that I will me back on your website a month earlier to see what other places you’ve discovered or recommend! Good job!

  21. Molly Says:

    Check out this place, has an awesome Chicken avocado sandwich, super cheap and open late, Presstoast Btwn Bleecker & W 3rd St

  22. 2 Kizzle 1 Says:

    Im with uncle A right now and we are at your website – unbelievably done and continue my man, just continue – I just touched down from a whirlwind journey, insane experiences, and stories for the ages and in search of some food – I will take your advice on anything –corrrreeccttt and be in touch –

  23. Entertainer Says:

    Hey FG.

    I tried George Keeley’s for burgers. You were absolutely right. Great burger through and through. The fries were good especially mixed with the burger drippings.

    I’ve told others and they are going to swarm the joint. Thank you.

  24. brian Says:

    Coming up to NYC this weekend (August 9). Looking for a good deli around 72nd street – want to get some sandwiches and eat them in Central Park. Any suggestions? Lenny’s??

  25. Hoss Says:

    Hey Foodguy!

    Check out the Eatery in Hells Kitchen for some interesting brunch. Btw youll probably hate it:

  26. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Dude, thanks for the heads up. There’s something called the “Triple Decker” on the brunch menu at Eatery.

    It’s Cheddar Scrambled Eggs & Sausage on an English muffin with Russian Dressing and Fries… heart attack in the making and exactly what I love.

  27. maritza G. Says:

    Hi! I recently discovered your blog, just wanted to let you know that I completely love it! it is fun and informative and very easy to browse…keep up the great work! Delicioso!
    I’m giving ur link to all my friends! we all love food and trying out new places..Thanks again!

  28. Hoss Says:


    i need a real new york bagel.

    where should i go?

  29. Mike from Eddies Says:

    Hey I was working at Eddies Sweet Shop when you came, are you gonna put a review up of it?

  30. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Hoss, are you in NYC? For bagels, K&D are the classics. Ess-a-Bagel (2nd Ave around 20th) has its devotees, but to me, way too dense.

    “What’s the problem with Ess-a-Bagel?”
    “72 hours later you’re hungry again”

    (With apologies to long-dead Catskills comedians on Chinese food. If you don’t get it, too bad for you)

  31. Ms Says:


    This site rocks! I love the pictures and descriptions keep up the good work. Just one question – why haven’t you reviewed the Shake Shack? For me the double stack is the best hamburger in the world.

  32. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Thanks a lot for the kind words. Great to hear.

    Per your Shake Shack question, I feel like there’s already so much praise and so many reviews out there, it’s not really a productive contribution on my part to review it. I feel like my time and yours is better spent if I’m out there trying to find other good places, not Shake Shack, where delicious burgers live.

    That being said, Shake Shack is definitely tasty but I refuse to wait on line for it. I’ll check out the UWS branch soon and see how that fares.

    Where do you like to get burgers besides Shake Shack?

  33. Before Sunrise Says:

    Come to the UWS branch at 11am, there are no lines… I was kind of surprised to see ppl eating (breakfast?) there on Sunday at 10am though… Have to check out their site, but made me wonder if they were eating burgers or if they have breakfast items.

  34. Ms Says:

    I live in Houston, so I like to go to Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack and Becks Prime. Although Becks is a Houston chain, they grill the burgers over mesquite wood which is so good.

    I travel to NYC twice a year because I love it there. I use your site to determine where I am going to eat during my trip. Based on your pictures and review, I am definitely going to Lasso’s during my next trip.

    As for NYC burgers, I have been to the Burger Joint, Brooklyn Diner, Goodburger and Five Guys and still Shake Shack is my favorite. During my next trip I am going to Peter Luger and Velselka.

    p.s. – you were right about Levain — the best chocolate chip cookies.

  35. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Food Guy: Ben’s Best beckons. Saturday? Sunday? Can’t get enough deli in NYC, the wellspring of deli in the Western World. And the Eastern World.

    And what about bagels? is the NYC bagel the “true bagel”? Some claim NYC water gives our bagels that “je ne sais quois”? Sheesh, I sound like DocChuck. Sorry about the pomposity. But is it true? Where are your favorite bagels? And toppings?


  36. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    And yo, GUY! Have to do the rodizio experience. Guys walking around with meats on skewers, all you can eat! (Shut up, King of Ketchup, it has NOTHING to do with homoeroticism, although it is arguably better than sex.)

    My favorite: Plataforma, Village or West Side, doesn’t matter. Food Guy, I suggest you investigate the options in NYC. Go for the roast pig as it makes its rounds. If you want company, you know where I am. I’ll bring the heavy-duty prescription stomach protectors so we may eat again.

    Doc Dys

  37. Before Sunrise Says:

    Dr. Dyspepsia, have you been to Porcao or any of the other rodizio places? I’ve heard Plataforma is great, haven’t been there yet though.

  38. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    not yet…

  39. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Are you available for Ben’s Best any weekdays for lunch? I’m not available tomorrow but any other day this week works. Otherwise, next weekend works.

    Before Sunrise,

    Luger’s this week? How’s Friday for you?

  40. Before Sunrise Says:

    Sounds good.

  41. Before Sunrise Says:

    I see you have no reviews on Ruby’s in NoLita. Have you been there? Was there yesterday and the food was good. I had a cheeseburger and it was different from anything I’ve tried before. Not sure if you would enjoy it as it’s far from a classic burger (made with ciabatta and some sort of teriyaki sauce) but I really enjoyed it. Half was enough for me!

  42. Brava PR Says:

    Hi! I would love you to contact me ASAP there is a great place here in Puerto Rico new and very hidden in the heart of the island with a very special sauce you’ll love. We meet @ the Hotel San Juan (the “add me in facebook” one) 🙂

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  44. Irish Guy Says:

    Just found this site today, don’t ask me how. Really liking the reviews and you guys sound like you’re on the ball. You’ve made me extremely hungry and nostalgiac about the food available in NYC.

    Until I go back, I’ll keep myself satisfied with my home made pastrami sandwiches! It’s impossible to find one anywhere in Ireland!!

    Keep up the good work!

  45. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Irish Guy,
    Thanks for the kind words. Give me a shout when you’re heading to NYC, I’ll point you in the right direction as far as all of my recommendations.

  46. Food, Friends and Family Says:

    NYC Food Guy!

    Hey! How goes it?!
    So I have to say having grown up in great neck, there is NOTHING good about ponchos. Sorry man, their food is not tasty and over priced, I will say I havent been there in over a decade because I have never liked it but I guess I’ll give it another try.
    Next time you go to Great Neck, try Naru Sushi on cuttermill rd; they make an AMAZING spicy tuna tataki, spicy tuna artfully covered in avacado and topped with eel sauce and tobiko, simply heavenly. I’d also go to Chatanuga, my spelling is off but it is all about the food, their pollo shirin, which directly translates to sweet rice is a heavenly orange flavored rice, scented with rose water and cardamon pods.

    In the city, if you havent been yet which you prob. have. I LOVE the banana cake and the carrot cake at billys bakery, they also make a chocolate whipped cream cake thing that they keep in the cooler, all amazing! With great staff to boot!

    Bourbon street on hudson! The owner I believe her name is Alice is quite the BITCH but she has a way with her MASSIVE slices of cake. I would go for the Hummingbird, it is banana cake with stuff, VERY GOOD!

    Hope you like it man

    Anyway to search your reviews my location? I’ve having a tough time finding good food in Chelsea, well besides in my own kitchen! Help a man out!?

  47. Alex Says:

    this is a great site man. i can’t get enough of it. its making me want to move to east village..just for the food if nothing else

  48. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Food, Friends and Family,
    Thanks for getting in touch and thanks for the awesome intel.

    Sorry to hear you didn’t like Pancho’s as much as I did. It was one of my favorites growing up and now that I’m not home that often, it’s nice to re-connect. The good restaurants in Great Neck are dwindling but there are still a few solid ones. Not much of a sushi guy but I’ll keep that recommendation in mind, thanks.

    Billy’s, on the other hand, really is awesome. A friend of mine is working there now, she writes a blog too and chronicles all of her Billy’s eating. Check it out. You’re right on with the banana cake, she featured a butterscotch bar which is also awesome.

    Haven’t been to Bourbon street but heard they have good red velvet, can you confirm?

    So as of now, no real way to search my site by location but I’ll try to backlog and add zip codes into the tags that way you can put a zip code into the search and find things by neighborhood.

    What are your go to spots in Chelsea? I love RUB BBQ and El Faro (meatpacking). Otherwise I haven’t had too many meals there. My friend swears by Stela pizza next to the Maritime Hotel on 9th. The taco truck on 14th and 8th is pretty solid so is Donut Pub (24 hours) on 7th and 14th.

    Looking forward to hearing back.

    Thanks brother. C’mon down to the hood, there’s plenty of great food to go around.

  49. Lisza Says:

    There’s a new spot in Park Slope called Gialeti’s Cafe with the best panini’s that you could create your own with anything in it or order their house specials. They also have crepe’s that just melt in your mouth. I came across this cafe since its on the way to the subway and had breakfast there. It was so nice to enter a friendly place with good food that I had to go there for lunch on my way home. Not to mention the price is right! I highly recommend.

  50. Nancy Says:

    Hi there — I seem to remember something about a chef formerly of Los Dados moving to another restaurant. Or maybe he opened a food truck. Does that sound familiar?


  51. jessie Says:

    yay!! finally another nyc food blog from a regular person with a regular camera! i love it.

  52. Cindy Says:

    Hi NYC Food Guy! I need some advice 🙂 In June I will be meeting with about 17 friends from all around the united states in NYC! Most of us are staying at the Helmsley. (212 East 42nd Street NY, NY) We need a great place to go for dinner the first night. Somewhere nice but not too nice, somewhere where a big group of ladies can have a great time.

    We were looking at McFaddens website and also heard that St. Andrews is good but since i’m researching from California I need a NYC expert’s advice!! Also if you know the area around the hotel and want to suggest anywhere else we can hit up for other meals (cheaper places are welcome as well).

    Thanks, I am looking forward to your response and can’t wait to visit NY for the first time!

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