NYC Food Guy Video: Citi Field Food Preview


If you haven’t already read NYC Food Guy’s Citi Field Preview, don’t worry because now you can WATCH IT!

Click Here or on the photo below to watch NYC Food Guy &’s Citi Field Food Preview on YouTube!


You can also click on this photo to view the NYC Food Guy video


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45 Responses to “NYC Food Guy Video: Citi Field Food Preview”

  1. Before Sunrise Says:

    Way to go, Lawrence!!! You’re a natural 🙂

  2. Lundy Says:

    To borrow a phrase from your description of food, very solid performance. I’m still pissed that you don’t weigh 300 pounds.

  3. Phil Says:

    Food Guy – having trouble downloading the vid. We can’t stream it?

  4. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    You may have to download the new Windows Media Player or if the link isn’t working when you click on it, maybe you can right click on the download link and save the video as and try to play it like that?

    If all else fails, go to’s website and look a link to the video should be on the front page.

  5. Phil Says:

    Nope.. need the same player, which my crap computer won’t let me download. DAMN IT!!!!!

  6. The Marchesa of Mustard Says:

    Nice work, FoodGuy. A thorough review of what looks to be an exciting ballpark menu. Too bad the only thing that would get me to a Met game anytime soon would be if you proposed to the King of Ketchup on the JumboTron. Also, excellent use of multimedia. But didn’t you ever learn not to talk with your mouth full?

  7. Double Duty Dude Says:

    You are great FoodDude! Like to see a weekly segment on SNY of NYCFoodGuy. Maybe you can get SNY to improve upon the production values-poor lighting. Marchesa’s loss if she doesn’t make it to CitiField. K of K may have to get in line based upon some of the stuff I’ve seen written in your blogesphere. Keep up the great work.

  8. 2 cute Says:

    nyc foodguy you are 2 CUTE!!! i think my fav line is when you said “TACO CHEERS!!!” hehehe

  9. MrArtTuro - Mr. Gluttony Says:

    Oh, to be on an all you can eat press day at CitiField! This NYCFoodGuy is now all establishment! He is 5-0 ! Oh, okay i’m jealous. shuttup. Oh sweet mystery of life now I have found you.
    Nope , I will not be eating themz foodz there. Can you imagine what those prices are gonna be? I’ll wait til Shea, umm I mean Citi gives us Taxpayer Appreciation Day – when we’ll probably get free unbuttered popcorn upon entry with our fitty dolla ticket. Ummm, I might just buy a Big Finger, though. Wanna come FoodGuy?
    (Lawrence, R U going to Grillin on the Bay (Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn) Saturday 4/4? )

  10. Heidi Says:

    Nice work you two! Great review, and excellent camerawork! Cheers!

  11. Food and Things » Citi Field Food Choices Says:

    […] Click here for the video tour. […]

  12. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Lawrence, you may be the new King of All (or at least some) Media! Your performance was completely natural and authoritative. You got your points across succinctly, and it looks like they were all one-take performances. If not, you must have been REALLY full.

    Only negative: did you have anything bad to say about anything? Except the Brooklyn Burger wasn’t as good as Shake Shack?

    Anyway, congratulations on a boffo performance. Don’t know how hard this was to put together, but you probably ought to do more of these and fewer written efforts. Who knows? Maybe Food Network.

    And can one by a “Eats Only” admisstion to this new billion-dollar food court, and skip game altogether? I’m indifferent to baseball, but the pulled pork and burgers are calling…

  13. angela Says:


  14. ted berg Says:

    is adorable…. but i agree wtih dr D, you definitely need to do more of these food guy

  15. trina Says:

    omg i can’t wait to get out of work so i cant watch this at home this suuucksssssssss!!!

  16. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    I updated the link. Try clicking on the links now, it should take you directly to SNY’s media player!

  17. Food For Thought Says:

    This is terrifically wonderful!!!
    NYCFoodguy….A great food blog with great and honest food reviews…
    and now…..a great video.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    Let’s Go Mets…

  18. frank Says:

    damn food guy you really pimped this video, whens the next shoot???

  19. hotness Says:

    wowwww nycfg– you are WAY hotter and skinnier than i ever expected!!

  20. fivefingerfeast Says:


    1. My first reaction was shock…I’ve never seen what you look like, and for some weird reason, up until today, I thought you were Korean!
    2. You are such a natural! Usually bloggers are so good in print but then in front of a camera they become hermit crabs. More videos a must!
    3. I’m hungry!

  21. Mary I Says:

    Excellent video – you are a natural! I agree with the others – more videos, please.

  22. Esther Says:

    what a great video! you should definitely be on the air more mr. nycfg, maybe get a new sidekick though…

  23. Dan Says:

    food guy, I agree with fivefingerfeast, until this video I thought you were Korean too! glad we got that smoothed out now. otherwise great vid cuz… FOOD NETWORK HIRE THE FOOD GUY!

  24. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Dan a 5FF: Why on earth did you think the Food Guy was Korean? Just because he once lived in Queens? For that matter, how can you be sure he’s not? Plastic surgery and special effects can do amazing things. Or maybe the FG Blogger is Korean, and the guy eating at CitiField is an actor…

    Regardless, great work, Lawrence. Your public demands more video, and your public is right.

    Dr. (not a plastic surgeon) D

  25. girl1 Says:

    Such a great video! I visited citifield today and was overwhelmed by the new food options. We opted for the Po’ boy, lobster roll, frites, pretzel and sausage sandwich. I was disappointed by both the Po’ boy and lobster roll. Yes, sausage may be boring but it is a stadium staple! Still my favorite treat!

    I can’t wait to try the tacos and pizza. Love your coverage of the eats! keep it up

  26. Emeril Lagassi Says:

    fantastic work nycfg — all you need is a little gahlic and you could take my job!!

  27. MrArtTuro - Mr. Gluttony Says:

    BAM !!! I think the NYCFG is the best food person in NYC or even NYS.

    But then again , I have horrible taste.

  28. kristin Says:

    OMGZ!!!!!!! i just watched this and cannot believe what a natural you are food guy!! i’m pregamin w/ my girls in murray hill and they freakin loved the video too. do you have a girlfriend???? this was aawesome!!

  29. Mike Says:

    Needless to say we all waiting for Yankee Stadium Food video.

    P.S. Please don’t keep us waiting again for such a long time between posts.

  30. CC Cheeseburger Says:

    i’m cc sabathia and i love cheeseburgers.



  31. Finger Fude Says: are hotter than my tamale….more erect than most Homo sapiens; a smile that yearns for more of Nathan’s Hot Dogs. Now that Bama’s coat tails are changing many state’s same sex marriage laws…Will you marry me Mr.HunkNYCFoodGuy?! I can serve you up the best meal you ever will have!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Mom Blogs – Blogs for Moms…

  33. Ulla Says:

    can not view the video:(

  34. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    doesn’t play on my Mac, either…

  35. Casey Says:

    i too thought you were Korean, Lawrence. 😉

    i agree with the above…. tres cool vid. give the people what they want and morph your blog into a vlog.

    ((LET’S GO METS!!!))

  36. Big L Says:

    Big LLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!
    Great job on the vid. You’re a naturalllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. brandon Says:

    he’s a natural. Everyone take heed as Lawrence the L-Train, NYC FoodGuy himself, is about to take the industry by storm.

    Just wait, its only a matter of time before you see the Big Dog on a 50-foot Midtown billboard, with some Dim Sum in one hand, and some Pomme Frites in the other, touting his new travel/food show on ____ Network.

    Love your work, don’t change. Go phillies.


  38. Amanda Says:

    Lawrence, loved it! You sounded so official as NYCFG!!! Screw the Mets, I’m goin to Citi for the foooooood!

  39. Phil Says:

    I was finally able to watch the video, great job FG!!!

  40. BKfoodGal Says:

    Your TV personality comes to you as naturally as your ability to eat! Loved the video…Keep ’em coming!

  41. stella Says:

    awesome vid food guy, i think i speak for everyone too — what other stadiums have you eaten at?

  42. Master Says:

    Foodguy, that was just awesome! Hats off to you, man. You’re gonna be famous someday.

    By the way, I took that trip out to Brick Lane Curry House a few weeks ago. I completed the Phall challenge and I’m looking forward to more food adventures in the future…I’m just waiting for them to post my pic on their site. Hot stuff!!

  43. Entertainer Says:

    Excellent Lawrence! This was educational and will help guide me through the season at Citi.

  44. HowfreshEats Says:

    After experiencing the new Yankee Stadium food I have a feeling Citi Field will put them to shame. Not what’s on the field though. We still run NYC. Stadium is great however. Makes the pain of losing the old stadium dissipate with the quickness.

  45. zeitgeisty Says:

    great stuff man!!… You should have your own food network show!!!!

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