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Williamsburg, Brooklyn Sandwich Tour Part 1: Bedford Cheese Shop & Marlow & Sons

April 29, 2009

Most New Yorkers claim to be ready for adventure but when someone mentions Brooklyn, the typical response is “what a schlep!”  Enough is enough, it’s time to hop on the L train and discover our neighbor to the east, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A hood where family establishments stand along side the nouveau.  There’s no better way to read a neighborhood’s pulse than by their sandwiches, the true barometer of people’s desire for value and delicious food.   We’ve seen what comes out of Red Hook and Sunset Park so when my friend Charlie told me his cousin and Williamsburg expert, Andrea, was ready to open my eyes with a full tour of her hood, I gladly accepted.  Part one offers NYCFoodGuy’s take on Bedford Cheese Shop and Marlow & Sons.

Chorizo (Hot & Mild) Is A Great Snack to Walk With

Spicy & Mild Chorizo at Bedford Cheese Shop

Sopressata & Cheese Pizza at Marlow & Sons

Sopressata & Cheese Pizza at Marlow & Sons

Front of the room fare - Desserts, Scones & Muffins from Marlow & Sons

Front of the room fare - Desserts, Scones & Muffins from Marlow & Sons



Cuban Sandwich at El Sitio in Woodside, Queens

April 27, 2009

This is what a Cuban sandwich is supposed to taste like.  Fresh roast pork and sliced ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard surrounded by a crispy garlic-buttered, pressed hero roll. The price for porcine perfection? A mere $4.35. This sandwich is good enough to be at Citi Field, but it lives close enough on the 7 train (7 stops before, approx. 20 minutes) to lure you to Woodside for a taste before or after a Mets game.

El Sitio Cuban Sandwich ($4.35).  From Top to Bottom: Pressed Garlic-Butterd hero, roast pork, sliced ham, melted Swiss, pickles, mustard

El Sitio Cuban Sandwich ($4.35). From Top to Bottom: Pressed Garlic-Butterd hero, roast pork, sliced ham, melted Swiss, pickles, mustard

I can’t speak for any of the other food at El Sitio, which looks a lot nicer on the outside than inside, but if the Cuban sandwich is the litmus test for deliciousness at a Cuban restaurant, El Sitio passes with flying colors. N.B.: Take this sandwich to go because Sripraphai, one of NYC’s best and most authentic Thai restaurants, is just four blocks away from El Sitio. Thanks Steve.

El Sitio Restaurant

6828 Roosevelt Ave
Woodside, NY 11377
(718) 424-2369
Daily, 10AM to Midnight

Help Make Better!

April 20, 2009

It’s been a great 200-post run but now it’s time to step things up a notch. There are big changes on the horizon for and there’s nothing more important than making sure all you food lovers out there are getting everything you want out of this site.


Ready to attack at Daisy May's Big Pig Roast. Not for the squeamish.

Leave a comment or shoot me an email ( letting me know what’s on your mind. What would you like to see reviewed? What kind of features would you want to see in a redesign? Anything that would make YOUR experience on better, I want to hear about it. Thanks and happy eating!

Read about the Daisy May’s Big Pig Roast or click here for more great BBQ stories

NYC Food Guy’s 200th Post: Revolutionary Sandwich & Authentic Tacos on Sunset Park, Brooklyn Mexican Food Tour

April 6, 2009

Pop the Cristal because it’s a celebration and the milestones are two fold. In just over a year NYC Food Guy has reached the 200 post plateau, a formidable task for one man with a limited budget and an unquenchable appetite. And what better way to bring in the bicentennial than with a delicious discovery: Authentic and affordable Mexican food is alive and well and it lives not in Manhattan but in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  It’s the best Mexican food I’ve had since the Red Hook Ball Fields Read on for a revolutionary Mexican sandwich, awesome tacos and learn how to plan your own food tour in unfamiliar territory…


Authentic & affordable tacos (top) were trumped by delicious discoveries (bottom)


NYC Food Guy Video: Citi Field Food Preview

April 3, 2009

If you haven’t already read NYC Food Guy’s Citi Field Preview, don’t worry because now you can WATCH IT!

Click Here or on the photo below to watch NYC Food Guy &’s Citi Field Food Preview on YouTube!


You can also click on this photo to view the NYC Food Guy video

What to do this weekend: Grillin’ On The Bay & Brooklyn Chili Smackdown

April 3, 2009

If you’re not going to Citi Field Saturday and if you love barbecue and grilling and you’ve always been curious about what competition cooking involves, get out to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn this Saturday to watch Smoke In Da Eye defend their Grillin’ on the Bay 2008 title.  Sanctioned by the New England Barbecue Society and sponsored by RUB BBQ & Butternuts Beer & Ale, Grillin’ on the Bay is a 4 category (chicken breast, fish, pork and chef’s choice) grilling competition (not slow-smoked BBQ).


This is a great way to learn about competition cooking up close and personal and starting at noon, you can purchase some of the freshly-grilled food.  And if that’s not enough, starting at 1pm, $10 gets you all-you-can-eat chili in the “Brooklyn Chili Smackdown,” a people’s choice chili contest. I attended and judged this event last year and if you love grilling and barbecue, this event is not to be missed.

When: This Saturday, starting at 12pm.  Chili tasting begins at 1pm.  Awards given out at 4:30pm.
Where: (Google Map) Corner of East 18th Street & Avenue Z, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, just a 20-30 minute ride from Manhattan on the B or Q train to Sheepshead Bay
For more info: Email, call Robert at 917-763-5062 or check the website.  All proceeds will benefit the St. Mark school

Citi Field Food Preview: A Culinary Revolution

April 1, 2009

The Mets first official game at their new ballpark, Citi Field, is just two weeks away and what better way to heighten the excitement than with a preview of the unprecedented culinary revolution taking place in Flushing? The Mets opened the doors to Citi Field Tuesday to introduce the three Culinary All-Stars behind all the magic: Danny Meyer, Drew Nieporent & Dave Pasternack.

Check out the Culinary All-Stars on the big screen

Check out the Culinary All-Stars on the big screen

After the All-Stars received honorary Mets jerseys, a massive tasting began: tacos, pulled pork, frites with dipping sauce, Italian heroes, pizza, sushi, porchetta, mac and cheese with pancetta, skirt steak, burgers, sausage and peppers, fried fish sandwiches, cannolis, and chocolate mousse.

Top: Mets-Sprinkle Cannolis, Grandma Pizza, Italian Hero Middle: Steak Tacos, Sushi, Porchetta Bottom: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Mac & Cheese w/ Panchetta, "Drive-In" Burgers

TOP: Mets-Sprinkle Cannolis, Grandma Pizza, Italian Hero MIDDLE: Steak Tacos, Sushi, Porchetta BOTTOM: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Mac & Cheese w/ Pancetta, "Drive-In" Burgers

After all that, Shake Shack’s burger, the grandma pie from The Original Cascarino’s of College Point, the Box Frites and the white cheddar mac and cheese with pancetta were my favorite bites.

Stay tuned to for a video preview of Citi Field food starring yours truly and Ted Berg of