Long Island & NYC Dessert: The Crispery’s Suped Up Rice Krispie Treats & Momofuku Milk Bar’s Candy Bar Pie


If you’re looking for a chance to relive your childhood love affair with dessert, The Crispery and Momofuku Milk Bar are cooking up nostalgia in Roslyn, Long Island and New York City.  The Crispery offers 14 different types of Rice Krispie Treats including smores-filled and chocolate cookie-filled versions, each one oozing with sticky marshmallow .  Momofuku Milk Bar takes things up a notch with their Candy Bar Pie, featuring the best of all things peanut butter, caramel, toffee, pretzel, and cookie.  Both were delicious but only one will make your wallet AND your stomach happy…



The Crispery

Retail purchases can be made online at: www.thecrispery.com
Call 516-621-8716 or email info@thecrispery.com for wholesale purchases

You can’t really go wrong with a Rice Krispie treat, especially one that’s cut in half and stuffed with chocolate cookies and extra marshmallow fluff.  The Crispery’s treats stayed remarkably fresh over the course of a week, a testament to the secret recipe, containing no butter or trans fat, and the marshmallow within.  The flavor’s not as authentic as Mom’s but it’s pretty close and at $2.95 for one massive treat, how can you complain?


Chocolate Cookie & Marshmallow

Momofuku Milk Bar (website)

207 2nd Avenue at 13th street
New York, NY 10003

Imagine this: a pretzel topped chunky peanut butter Reese’s cup gives way to salty-sweet caramel studded with bits of crunchy toffee, all supported by a chocolate cookie crust.  It’s a balanced texture and flavor adventure.  Thank you David Chang, Christina Tosi & Marian Mar for making dreams a reality.  But almost $5.50 for a tiny sliver of this deliciousness? That’s a little exorbitant.


You’ve been forewarned fellow eaters, the portion size of the Candy Bar Pie does not match the price.  You owe it to yourself, however, to at least give it a try because in the end, I don’t know where you’re finding anything this decadent, delicious and unique for this price.



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11 Responses to “Long Island & NYC Dessert: The Crispery’s Suped Up Rice Krispie Treats & Momofuku Milk Bar’s Candy Bar Pie”

  1. jill Says:

    love the food guy rice krispie treats are one of my all time favorite will go get some today would you like some??? 🙂

  2. moe Says:

    thank you again


  3. AG Says:

    I love the candy bar pie, so delicious, so sweet, but so good. If you want something larger for the money the cakes are served in heaping slices. I like the chocolate chip cake with passionfruit cream, its a nice balance between sweet and almost sour.

  4. The Marchesa of Mustard Says:

    FoodGuy. Seriously. If it takes you THIS long to post about the LDSE (Legendary Dim Sum Expedition), there’s no way we’re making it to Flex, and you can forget Sripraphai. Though, maybe by the time we get ourselves out to Woodside, your loyal readers will FINALLY have seen some posts about real ethnic food (note: tacos and Italian heroes don’t count)! Also, two words: Crack Pie. Actually, add another few to that: Cereal Milk Soft Serve. I think you need to make a trip back to Milk Bar to complete the assignment.

  5. FN Says:

    Marchesa of Mustard – Sripraphai is the real deal. Love that place. Get out there, NYCFG.

  6. stevenp Says:

    I knew before the jump which one would nbot make your wallet happy. Every Momofuku place is way overpriced for decent, somewhat nonstandard food items. I’ll pass.

  7. Mike Says:

    Food guy, i am new here. But i have to ask, just how fat are you.

  8. Gilda MacDonald Says:

    The marriage of carmel and salt is worth it’s wait in gold. Thank you Food Guy for your pix on the island. I am going to run to Roslyn and eat myself silly!

  9. Daniel Glaser Says:

    Very cool treats. To think I considered TGI Friday’s old “Oreo Madness” incredible when I was growing up! It was two rather big pieces of oreo pie crust sandwiching a large scoop of vanilla ice cream and smothered in some hot fudge and/or caramel. But these look way better, especially the Candy Bar Pie. Keep up the great finds!

  10. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Well I probably missed my chance to have you pick me up rice krispie treats but did you end up finding any? or better yet making any?

    Good to know brother, thanks.

    The Marchesa of Mustard,
    I’m ready for more milk bar, care to join? Prices are high though.

    You said it man, way overpriced. But they are damn good.

    I’m where I need to be, let’s just say that. I can fit in a phone booth and through the subway turnstyle.

    Gilda MacDonald,
    I don’t think they sell these in Roslyn, what I mean is, there’s not an actual retail location that I know of.

    Daniel Glaser,

    Hey don’t feel bad about the Fridays oreo dessert, what is it called? Oreo obssession? it’s damn good too. thanks for the comment. any new eats for you lately?

  11. Daniel Glaser Says:

    Not too much in the way of new eats, but I did have a delicious sole oreganata at dinner with the family in one of Ayhan’s Port Washington restaurants tonight. It’s not inexpensive, but they have lots of other good fish too.

    Might be exploring a couple of bars/pubs in Manhattan tomorrow.

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