NYC Best Sandwiches: Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop Is No Pun (Vegetarians Welcome)


Not that we didn’t already know, but Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop, on the corner of Rivington Street and Norfolk Street in the Lower East Side, is awesome.  Seriously spicy chipotle mayo fires up the off-the-menu “Chicken Special” filled with juicy grilled chicken, thinly sliced tomato and onion, crisp bacon, and melted cheddar on a toasted semolina hero ($8.00).  It’s the chicken version of the famous “Spicy Rizzak.”  Read on to find out about another off-the-menu special and why Tiny’s is equally delicious for Vegetarians…


A Closer Look at the “Chicken Special”

Part of the key to Tiny’s sandwiches is construction.  The placement of flavors and textures can alter deliciousness immensely.  The hearty amount of tender grilled chicken inside the “Chicken Special” is carefully placed to guarantee chicken in every bite.


The melted cheddar is the glue to this sandwich, holding the sliced onion, grilled chicken and bacon in place.  The sliced tomato marries flavor with the surprisingly spicy chipotle mayo, which covers the inside of the top bun.   The heat of the mayo infiltrates every delicious bite while leaving a smokey spice lingering behind.   A handful of generic potato chips accompanies each sandwich.


The “Chicken Special” is technically an off-the-menu item, but if you switch the grilled chicken for sliced turkey, you create one of Tiny’s most popular sandwiches, “The Spicy Rizzak.”

A Vegetarian Vision & the Other Off-The-Menu Sandwich

A lot of notable sandwich places in NYC don’t offer many options for vegetarians, but this is just another area for Tiny’s to excel in.   Every one of their sandwiches can be “Tofu-ized.” Tofu chicken, tofu bacon and tofu turkey can turn a carnivore’s delight into a vegetarian vision.  The “Big Mack Daddy ($6.50)” has a strong vegetarian following, a tofu-based veggie burger is topped with mild cheddar, tofu bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, and special sauce and served on a brioche bun. Even NYC Food Guy is now intrigued to try a veggie burger.

The second off-the-menu item is the “Turkey Special”, oven roasted turkey covered in mozzarella cheese and Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and a brightly flavored herb mayo.  Although it sounds like a nice, lighter alternative to the “Spicy Rizzak”, it couldn’t hurt to add some bacon to this sandwich, could it?

Beverages, Anyone?

In addition to a full menu of GuS Sodas, you’ll smile at the balance between spicy and sweet in the ” Olde Brooklyn Root Beer”, served in a glass bottle ($1.50).  Next on my list is the Brooklyn Cream Soda, the Black Cherry and the Orange soda.


Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop (website/menu)

129 Rivington Street at Norfolk Street
New York, NY 10002 (Google map)

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11 Responses to “NYC Best Sandwiches: Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop Is No Pun (Vegetarians Welcome)”

  1. PepperMan Says:

    Looks like a classic NY place. I’m usually bored by Grilled Chicken sandwiches, but that one looks delicious.

  2. moe Says:

    thank you,


  3. sweet212 Says:

    oh, yes, tiny’s sandwiches are awesome, especially the cobb!

  4. wich man Says:

    Tiny’s sandwiches are good, but not exceptional. I found their menu fun, but the sandwiches a little underwhelming. Also, when I was there I saw a roach running around… and accidentally caught it on camera! Check it:

    I’d go back, but wouldn’t go out of my way for a visit…

  5. Dave Says:

    Tinys is hands down the best sandwich cafe in the city. I wish more places threw down with such excellence. No matter why you eat, your taste buds will explode with a joy that will force you to come back again and again.

  6. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Where you been PepperMan?!
    Tiny’s is definitely a classic NY sandwich shop but in a more LES sense. You wouldn’t find many vegetarian options at a deli in Little Italy. The grilled chicken sandwich I ate was AWESOME. I’m looking forward to going back.

    The cobb sandwich?

    wich man,
    If it really IS a roach, why would you go back. I’m a fan of yours wich man, but how do we really know that’s a roach? Either way, the sandwiches can’t be that underwhelming if you saw a bug and would still go back, out of the way or not. Where’s the most exceptional sandwich you’ve had lately?


    Wow, thats quite an ode to Tiny’s. I agree, the flavor of the ingredients at Tiny’s always pops. I wouldnt be able to say its the best in the city, still too much to conquer. What else ranks up there for you?

  7. Wich Says:

    I try to tone down the roach-repulsion aspect because, hell, it’s new york and all but the best places have rodent and insect problems. The sandwiches were pretty good and I guess I just am a sucker for drama.

    I’m eyeballing a trip to Rosaio’s Deli in queens after hearing strong feelings about it a few times. Have you been to Crosby Connection? I keep visiting only to find it closed. Does it ever open?

  8. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    You’re correct about your first point. But don’t retort on your criticism of the sandwiches, stick to your guns, sandwich man!

    I’ve never heard of Rosaio’s, where is it? what are they known for? I’m definitely down for an eating expedition if you’re looking for company.

    I have been to Crosby Connection (review) but I’m not sure where they are now. Last I hear they had set up shop in the Bleecker Street Theatre on Bleecker just east of Lafayette. I found a number on you can call to try and find out the latest: 212-677-8444

  9. nithya at hungrydesi Says:

    Thanks for detailing the vegetarian options! A lot of NYC restaurants have options to vegetarianize dishes whereas others are incredibly strict about not altering their menu. It’s really helpful to hear the details as part of a review! These sandwiches sound delicious – can’t wait to try it out.

  10. Wich Says:

    Sounds good! Sent you some mail. How about Baoguette, it’s a banh
    mi joint on lex, between 25 and 26th st?

  11. derf Says:

    If you ever make it to NJ, CT or Mass, check out the great sandwich and burger shop reviews on this site:

    You’ll find some of the best sandwiches on the planet !

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