Happy Valentine’s Day from NYC Food Guy


If Cupid’s arrow hasn’t already wooed your heart, maybe it’s time to let your stomach take charge.  What better way to show that special someone you love them than with a Burger Bouquet from New York Burger Company? If that’s out of your league, you can always show your Valentine how much you don’t like them and use the Friday’s coupon below.  Now you can never say NYC Food Guy doesn’t love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Forget flowers or chocolates, give a Burger Bouquet.  $25 gets you one of the most unexpected gifts you can give: a sampler-style box containing three mini burgers, three dipping sauces, homemade potato chips, and a brownie.  It even comes with a personalized, hand-written Valentine note.  You can order by calling NY Burger Co. at 212-229-1404 (6th Ave. location) or 212-254-2727 (Park Ave. location) and have your Burger Bouquet delivered Friday the 13th or Saturday the 14th at a time of your choosing.

And if you’re feeling particularly uninspired this Valentine’s Day, treat your special someone to a meal at the most overpriced chain restaurant in Manhattan, Friday’s.  Here’s a Buy One Entree, Get the 2nd Free Coupon complements of Lil’ NYC Food Guy (thanks brother).  Click here to go to a page that will automatically bring up the print option, otherwise right click on the coupon below and save as to store it on your computer.  The offer expires March 1st and isn’t valid on Valentine’s Day.  Generous, huh?



12 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day from NYC Food Guy”

  1. Before Sunrise Says:

    Ha!! Happy Valentine’s Day Food Guy. Who are you giving a burger bouquet to? 🙂

  2. Master Says:

    heh, that’s creative. Why does Friday’s bother keeping a Manhattan location, anyway? They only got 130478984257 out in Long Island…

  3. Bill Says:

    Is it just me, or does $25 seem like an awful lot of money for that?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I agree, $25 seems like a total rip off

  5. sarahspy Says:


  6. MsMimosaBarrioNYC Says:

    shit, I can go to McD’s and spend $25 on a family of five and the dog, but as it goes for those trendy ass Manhattanites, okay I can see those knuckleheadz spending $25.00 because they are those sliders and its kinda cute. Other wise my ass is going to Pathmark/Associates/C-town or anyone of these hoody supermarkets where I can buy a nice dinner for two for $25 or less.

  7. MsMimosaBarrioNYC Says:

    the website is my art gallery not food but im working on combining the two.

  8. MsMimosaBarrioNYC Says:

    P.S.- A burger in this economy as it is seems logical but give me a decadent sexy chocolate themed dinner with some hot Tango music, nice red colored liquor and lingerie and see where it goes 😛 😉

  9. stevenp Says:

    Wow. The miniburgers at NYBC are only around $3 each, and sauces are free. That is a ripoff.You can get 3 full-size burgers and all the sauce you want for around $25. Who needs the brownie and chips?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I think the FG is getting a kickback on Burger Bouquet sales

  11. stevenp Says:

    Nah, just a VD food-related gift being posted. No kickback, I’m sure. It’s NYBC’s holiday gift deal they put out there.

  12. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    I’m with all of you guys, the price is steep, especially for mini burgers and chips. Have any of you eaten at NY Burger Co? What should I get if I go?

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