Happy New Year from NYC Food Guy


Just wanted to wish everyone and their families a Happy and healthy New Year.  Thanks for stopping  by and sharing my food adventures. In 2009 NYC Food Guy promises a new and improved site and more delicious posts than your stomachs can handle.  If you have any ideas for future posts or site improvements, please leave them in the comments section.  And as we look forward to another year of food, I’ll leave you with a few preview photos of reviews to come.  Enjoy and have a happy, healthy and safe 2009.


Old Fashioned Sicilian at Adrienne’s Pizza Bar ($16.50)


Sears Special (Pastrami, Corned Beef, Cole Slaw) at Ben’s Best in Rego Park, Queens


Caramelized Chocolate Banana Waffle Napoleon ($16) at Norma’s at Le Parker Meridien Hotel


Adrian’s Atomic Avalanche ($7.75) (steak, American cheese, pepperoni, hot peppers, fried mozzarella balls, marinara sauce) at Wogie’s

22 Responses to “Happy New Year from NYC Food Guy”

  1. Jack Says:

    Happy New Year buddy, thanks for all the effort. Look me up next time you are on the UWS, I owe you some beers.

  2. FN Says:

    NYCFG – I am in Singapore for vacation right now and was walking around a market and guess what I saw? Stacks of Tim Tams for super-cheap. I took a photo for you, will email it to you later.

  3. Stomach talking Says:

    Happy New Year to you NYCFG…….
    Keep the mouth watering photos and the unbiased, well written and informative food reviews coming our way….
    Wishing you successes and good luck in the New Year

  4. Before Sunrise Says:

    That banana waffle looks delicious, looking forward to the reviews.

    Happy new year! Wishing you the best for 2009.

  5. Phil Says:

    happy new year NYFG – may 2009 be as gluttonous as 2008 🙂

  6. HowfreshEats Says:

    Happy New Year FG. Big things in 2009. We’ll link up for Harlem fried fish or Piper’s Kilt Burgers in the ’09 or Jamaican on White Plains Road. Your call.

  7. rick Says:

    you are the fuckin man food guy, keep up the great work, i’m sure we’ll be seeing you on the food network soon

  8. rick Says:

    and happy new year!

  9. emma Says:

    happy new year nycfoodguy! thanks to you i gained 12 pounds last year hehe but boys say i look much healthier and that i’m better to “throw around” whatever that means! happy eating in 2009!

  10. Jack Says:

    Nice, I think Emma is the 2009 Kristen!

  11. emma Says:

    Jack, who is Kristen? Your ex? do you live in the city? what types of stuff do u like to eat?

  12. Master Says:

    Happy new year, Food Guy! Keep the reviews coming.

  13. Sweet Freak Says:

    Happy (belated) New Year, NYC Food Guy! As always, gorgeous photos… especially that chocolaty waffle. Here’s to a food-filled ’09!

  14. wriskit Says:

    The above post was directed to Dr. D. This is a great site that I just stumbled on while making reservations for the restaurant weeks orgy. Re Ben’s Best, I recall New York Magazine called its pastrami the best in NYC for several years, but that was at least a decade, maybe longer, ago. I’ve only had their plain pastrami sandwiches which were very good, but not superlative. The cole slaw then was not good. I’ll go back for the Sears sandwich and report back. As for potato pancakes and blintzes, I recommend Just Like Mothers, a Polish cuisine place in Forest Hills, 110-60 Queens Blvd, just past Ascan Ave. Both to die for. Their entrees are mostly satisfying comfort food. Avoid the roast duck and chicken in the pot. Hunter’s pork chop is a winner.

  15. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    welcome to the site, thanks for stopping by and leaving us some comments. I stand behind my claims about Ben’s Best cole slaw, it hit the spot like no other.

    Just Like Mothers?! What a coincidence. I grew up in Forest Hills (see my AJs Pizza & Knish Nosh review) and we used to frequent Just Like Mother’s for their blintzes, particularly the cheese and blueberry. They were great, authentic and fresh. I haven’t been there in years, I’m surprised but happy to hear they’re still kicking, not much else has remained the same on that stretch other than Family Restaurant, Portofino, and Trade Fair.

    My recent favorite blintzes are at Veselka in the East Village, they’re more crepe like than Just Like Mother’s but they come with a great raspberry sauce and they’re also fresh and light.

  16. ratbuddy Says:

    “If you have any ideas for future posts or site improvements, please leave them in the comments section.”

    Well, for as long as I can remember, the main page of your site has had a giant (like 6 inch tall) font, making it almost unreadable. Clicking the individual reviews works, and they display properly. Would be great if you could fix that. I’m using Vista Ultimate 64 bit, with the basic IE7. All fully patched, no mods or addons or toolbars or anything.

    Thanks 🙂

  17. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Wriskit, I’ll stand by my endorsement of Ben’s Best pastrami as “superlative”, because it’s still in the top two or three in NYC. I’d probably still give Katz’s my #1 spot, although as we discussed before, it’s a different species. Kensington Deli in Great Neck is also in Ben’s Best league, five minutes from my home, and the sandwich guys know me well enough to prepare “the usual” (CB and pastrami, seedless rye, cole slaw, mustard) when they see me walk in the door. Nothing better than that. Me, I gotta try Sarge’s.

    As for cole slaw, I stand with NYC FoodGuy on our unflinching devotion to it. Wriskit, can you cite a better slaw, and free on the table in unlimited quantities? Interested on your evaluation on your return trip.

    As for Mother’s: You want a “Mother’s”, try the one on Poydras in New Orleans for extraordinary Po Boys and Cajun Food. Almost worth a trip to N.O. just to go there, and if you’re there, no excuse not to… See http://www.mothersrestaurant.net/fun_facts.htm

    The Doctor

  18. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    And check this out… while perusing Esquire’s “Best Sandwiches in America”, came across this:

    The Bomb
    Sal, Kris, and Charlie Deli, Queens, New York

    The Sandwich Kings of Astoria stick to a simple formula: Use great ingredients and a lot of them. Know what you want to order when it’s your turn and you’ll have a great experience — that’ll be the Bomb, an Italian with nine kinds of meat. (33-12 Twenty-third Avenue; 718-278-9240)

    Anyone been there?

  19. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    You’re absolutely right about the IE malfunctions. I can promise you there are no problems with NYCFG.com on Firefox so for the immediate future (i.e. until WordPress gives me a reason why this keeps happening) my best suggestion is to try Firefox.

    Here’s a link to download it:

    I had Sarge’s Pastrami with KofK last week and it was pretty spectacular. Juicy, fatty, sliced thin and piled very high.

    As far as “The Bomb” at Sal, Kris & Charlie’s, it sounds great. Here’s a photo:
    The Bomb from Sal, Kris, and Charlie Deli in Astoria

  20. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Thanks, Guy.

    And ratbuddy: Get a Mac!! Safari’s performance has always been flawless.

  21. ratbuddy Says:

    Macs work well enough for snooty graphic designer types and such, I’m sure, but you cannot build a custom gaming Mac, and why bother with Firefox when I only have an issue with a single solitary site in IE?

    I’ll take a peek at the site’s source and see if I can figure out what WordPress is doing wrong.


  22. ratbuddy Says:

    Well, the site looks to be fixed. Yay.

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