Food Fight: This Movie is Awesome. See If You Can Figure Out the Analogy.


My food blogging/comedian friend Jon, writer of the Boston-based Food Fight! put me on to this insanely creative video which I watched 5 times in succession.   Apparently, food is not love, it’s war.  This just goes to prove, playing with your food has a purpose.  Told you Mom and Dad.

If you want to learn more about the film and its creator, Stefan Nadelman, head to the Food Fight page, (where you can also watch the film) at Tourist Pictures, Mr. Nadelman’s production company.  The Food Fight page will answer all your questions, so beware if you want to avoid spoilers.


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9 Responses to “Food Fight: This Movie is Awesome. See If You Can Figure Out the Analogy.”

  1. Before Sunrise Says:

    Very creative indeed! I did not figure out the analogy, I cheated and went over to the food fight page 🙂 Very cool!

  2. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Analogy? Don’t know about that, but the story is a metaphor for war and the toll it takes on the warriors, even when they are “victorious”. Note that the act of annihilating an enemy morsel requires one to sacrifice its very essence. Yes, the hamburger can kill, but only the bun survives. The kebab is lethal, but leaves only sticks. Others destroy themselves completely to eliminate the enemy. A futile enterprise.

    And besides, it makes a big mess. Who’s supposed to clean it up?

  3. Before Sunrise Says:

    I like your analysis, DD.

  4. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Thanks, BS. Sorry for the apparent disrespect, but it’s your initials.


  5. Before Sunrise Says:

    Ha. No offense taken DD.

  6. Doody Says:

    no disrespect, doc, but it’s your initials..

  7. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Nice work breaking it down. In case you missed it, the food all represent different nations, hence the analogy. Click on the “Food Fight Page” link to find out which food equals which country. Other than that, you got to the bottom of it. I didn’t even consider that final thought, who cleans it all up?

    Before Sunrise,

    Cheating?? You’re better than that.

  8. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Good point. I went for the deep existential interpretation. But then, what food doesn’t represent a country or region? Except for the sovereign republic of Fusion.

  9. Phil Says:

    This was brilliant.

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