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NYC Spanish Food: Chorizo & Chocolate-Dipped Churros at Despana

October 27, 2008

There’s been a lot of love for Spanish tapas lately but did you ever wonder where you could buy all those delicious meats, cheeses and desserts and have tapas at home? The answer is Despana, a Spanish specialty food shop in SoHo on Broome Street between Cleveland Place and Lafayette Street. Walking through the store past a multitude of free samples, you’ll find a counter serving up authentic bocadillos (sandwiches), snacks and desserts. Did the chorizo sandwich impress? How do the churros compare to the traditional American version? Read on to find out…



NYC Cookies: Petrossian is no Levain but…

October 24, 2008

These are some damn good cookies. Petrossian, the company known for importing Russian caviar, also operates a Cafe/Bakery on 7th Avenue between 57th & 58th Street where they sell three varieties of fresh-baked cookies: Chocolate chip pecan ($3), Double chocolate walnut ($3), and Oatmeal raisin with walnut ($2). Each cookie is delicious, but collectively they still don’t top Levain as the best cookies in the city. Read on to find out why. Special thanks to Sweet Freak for the discovery.

Cookie Tower: Choc. Chip Pecan, Double Choc. Walnut, Oatmeal Raisin w/ Walnut


NYC Best Pizza: L’asso Takes Pizza & Toppings to a New Level

October 23, 2008

When is the last time you ate pizza that made you say “Wow, this is really good?” For the NYC Food Guy, this happened a few weeks back at L’asso on the corner of Mott Street & Kenmare Street.  “The Ace” in Italian, L’asso features wood-fired brick oven pies which strike the perfect balance between thin, airy and crisp while still supporting the weight of the most unique and delicious toppings I’ve encountered in all of New York City.  Read on to find out why L’asso’s pies are a work of art and science and which of the eight pies I tried really stood out…

Special Margherita with pan fried crispy prosciutto, green onions and extra virgin olive oil

Pizza al Tartufo – Portobello pesto, mushrooms, mozzarella, rosemary and truffle oil

Pizza Mela – Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, asparagus, apple, truffle oil


NYC Best Mac & Cheese: S’Mac is open until 1:30AM Friday & Saturday

October 17, 2008

Since moving to the East Village, my eating to do list has grown immensely, but one place that has been on it for a while is S’Mac, on 12th street between 1st & 2nd Avenue. Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese offers 12 standard varieties in addition to the option of creating your own. All are served in a metal skillet and you can add bread crumbs at no extra cost. And in an exciting late night eats update, they’re open until 11:30PM weekdays and until 1:30AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Each of the four mac & cheese flavors I tried were tasty, only one really shined through. Read on to find out which…

S’Mac’s 4 Cheese with Bread Crumbs is more like Mac & Cheese crème brulee.


Best Brooklyn Burgers & Buffalo Wings: Grand Canyon & Bonnie’s Grill in Park Slope

October 7, 2008

It’s about time Brooklyn gets some love from NYC Food Guy and what better way to start than with two foods I love: burgers and wings. Grand Canyon, a greasy spoon on 7th Avenue between 1st and 2nd Street, is the setting for our burger, which you can order griddled or charcoal grilled. Bonnie’s Grill, on 5th Avenue at Garfield Place, serves small, crispy wings that pack some big time heat. Read on to find out if the hunt for Brooklyn’s best continues…

Bacon, American Cheese and Fried Onion. There’s a burger under there somewhere.

Bonnie’s wings may look tame but a small bite packs a big punch.