Financial District Lunch: Tabasco Chicken Over Rice at Water Street Gourmet


  • What: Tabasco Chicken (heavy cream and chipotle sauce, no actual tobasco, mixed with tender chunks of mainly white meat chicken) over your choice of yellow or white rice. It’s a quick, spicy, filling and affordable lunch in the Financial District.
  • Cost: $10 with a drink
  • Inside Info: Since there’s not actually any Tabasco in it, the spice level is mild with a tiny kick. The deliciousness of this dish won’t floor you but it will keep your wallet full and your stomach happy.

Where: 12 Water St between Whitehall Street & Broad Street, NY, NY 10004 212-785-5200


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12 Responses to “Financial District Lunch: Tabasco Chicken Over Rice at Water Street Gourmet”

  1. puke Says:

    that looks like someone puked in a tin dude

    rice looks decent though…

    not sure how 10 bucks is a good deal for that….i’d rather get 10 hot dogs off a street vender and swallow them whole..


  2. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    You may be right but its still damn tasty. $10 for a filling meal is a deal in this city, have you tried to buy lunch in any of the business-centric hoods in Manhattan?

  3. creamme Says:

    im down for just about any lunch that includes a dollop of heavy cream

  4. phil Says:

    phil is back! was traveling in europe for a while. glad to see you’re posting again nycfg!

  5. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Hold on a minute…Puke may be right. How much is a Papaya King dog? I confess, Doc Dyspepsia is an old mofo, who last time he ate one, a Papaya Dog was edible, and cost 99 cents. 10 bucks for a pukey Thai meal, or all the Papaya King dogs you can eat, and live? Hard one….

  6. dr dr! Says:

    CLASSIC last line right there….we’re sure you know allllll abouutttt “hard ones”….

  7. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Oh my. I said “hard” on this web site. What a boner!

    But what about “puke”, who swallows them whole?

  8. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Easy there man. You’re walking a thin line amidst my sometimes raunchy readers. Just know you walk that line alone.

    When are we doing Ben’s Best? Two weekends from now? Or should we just do a BK diner burger asap?

  9. phil Says:

    Hey – can i join for the bk diner burger? i LOVE them.

  10. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Yes, Guy, I went overboard, and gave in to an easy setup. Thanks for reining me in.

    As for an excursion, let’s talk off-line, both look mighty good.


  11. phil Says:

    Can I join the two of you for a burger?

  12. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Absolutely. Email me and we’ll go from there.

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