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East Village Italian: Porchetta Pork Sandwich Is Pricey but Tasty

September 25, 2008

The East Village is abundant with Italian restaurants but thin on Italian speciality shops where you can find great sandwiches and well prepared sides. Porchetta, which opened this week on 7th Street between 1st Ave. & Avenue A, provides just that but in a very streamlined manner; the only meat served is porchetta.

The fatty, moist and boneless Italian roast pork comes in sandwich form ($9 on ciabatta and topped with fatty crackling) and as a plate ($12) with the bean of the day and greens (broccoli rabe & swiss chard). Read on to find out what makes it so flavorful and how Porchetta can turn it into a value buy…



Little Italy NYC Food: Feast of San Gennaro & Italian Sandwiches

September 19, 2008

These days Little Italy is a mere shadow of its former self. It takes the Feast of San Gennaro to put one of NYC’s most historic hoods back on the map. Unfortunately I’ve found that a lot of the food at the Feast is the same stuff you’ll find at a summer street fair in Midtown. That’s why NYC Food Guy is here, to highlight some authenticity with two Italian sandwiches that will remind you the “real” Little Italy lives on. Read on for the inside info plus a delicious street fair standard that’s actually worth eating…


NYC 24 Hour Restaurants: Sarge’s Delicatessen

September 18, 2008

NYC is the city that never sleeps, but in reality, quality 24 hour restaurant options are lacking. Forget the diner and the corner store, it’s time for you to check out Sarge’s Delicatessen on 3rd Avenue between 36th & 37th street. Since 1964, this kosher-style deli has been serving up overstuffed pastrami sandwiches, crinkle cut skin-on french fries and a long list of comfort food that would make Grandma proud. You can’t really go wrong at Sarge’s but read on for two dishes that got the job done.


Doritos Week at the New Yorker’s Cartoon Lounge

September 18, 2008

Do you like cartoons? Do you like Doritos? How about cartoons and Doritos? NYC Food Guy loves both, particularly Woody Woodpecker and Nacho Cheese Doritos inside egg salad sandwiches (TRUST ME!). Well we’re all in luck because the cartoonists at New Yorker are writing some funny stuff about Doritos, life and the crazy world we live in. Click on Garfield below and check it out…

What are your favorite all-time cartoons? What about your favorite Doritos? What about your most creative usage of Doritos? Leave a comment and let me know…

Sarabeth’s & Good Enough to Eat: NYC’s Best Pancakes?

September 13, 2008

NYC Food Guy is a pancake fan but it’s hard to find good ones. The best I’ve had in the city so far are the Banana Walnut Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter at Clinton Street Baking Company. I’d heard good things about Sarabeth’s & Good Enough to Eat so I decided to see how they stack up to the best. Read on to find out how they fared plus a word on Sarabeth’s crab cake sandwich & Good Enough to Eat’s omelets.

Sarabeth’s Buttermilk Pancakes with sliced strawberry & banana ($13.50)

Good Enough to Eat’s Lumber Jack (Two Buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, two pieces of bacon – $10.50) & a side of biscuits with strawberry butter ($2.25)


Tasty Thai Lunch Special for $7.55 at Chai (Eat In Only, 11:30AM to 4PM)

September 6, 2008

Finding a filling and delicious lunch in Midtown for under $10 is quite a challenge. But if you work in walking distance from Chai on 55th Street & 8th Avenue, you can now get out of the office for a Thai Lunch Special that can’t be beat. You can fill your stomach for $8 by choosing one of 13 entrees plus a salad, spring roll or soup. Read on for the review and a look at what else you can choose for under $8.

Chicken Pad Thai (above, $6.75) Side Salad with peanut dressing (below, included in special)


Wafels & Dinges Truck: Cinnamon Liege Wafel is Better Than Vanilla

September 4, 2008

You’re looking at Vanilla (top) & Cinnamon (bottom) Liege Wafels from the Wafels & Dinges Truck. Try to ignore the deliciousness of both the liege wafels below, because one is significantly better. Read on to find out which wafel’s better, what a liege wafel actually is plus how to maximize your cost/delicious quota with the “Wafel of Massive Deliciousness.”

Vanilla Liege ($4) with Nutella (+$1), Strawberries (+$1) & Powdered Sugar

Cinnamon Liege ($4) with Nutella (+$1) & Whipped Cream (+$1)


Financial District Lunch: Tabasco Chicken Over Rice at Water Street Gourmet

September 3, 2008

  • What: Tabasco Chicken (heavy cream and chipotle sauce, no actual tobasco, mixed with tender chunks of mainly white meat chicken) over your choice of yellow or white rice. It’s a quick, spicy, filling and affordable lunch in the Financial District.
  • Cost: $10 with a drink
  • Inside Info: Since there’s not actually any Tabasco in it, the spice level is mild with a tiny kick. The deliciousness of this dish won’t floor you but it will keep your wallet full and your stomach happy.

Where: 12 Water St between Whitehall Street & Broad Street, NY, NY 10004 212-785-5200