NYCFoodGuy on SNY’s Daily News Live Thursday July 3rd!


Click the link below and scroll down to where it says “Daily List: Best Food for the Fourth”.

I wasn’t actually on the air but my list of the Top 5 Foods for July 4th were broadcast on SNY Thursday July 3rd. Tune in to Daily News Live, hosted by Chris Cotter, Monday to Friday at 5PM for seriously entertaining sports talk.

If you miss the 5pm show, it re-airs at 11PM and 1:30AM.


27 Responses to “NYCFoodGuy on SNY’s Daily News Live Thursday July 3rd!”

  1. Timothy Allen Says:

    That’s awesome Lawrence!

    I’m not from NY so I don’t get that station but it appears I should be able to watch a reply of the show on their website.

  2. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Just saw it. Good work! I think you are getting well-positioned for a move up. Major network next? Also, get a better picture of yourself for the next segment- that may facilitate the transition to a better venue.

    And maybe it’s time that some of these places that you recommend sponsor your site. Or at least give you free food.


    PS: K of K is asking about the Ben’s adventure. I told him I await a proposal from the King of All Media (no, wait, that’s Howard Stern, isn’t it?)

  3. funny frank the fairy Says:

    that picture of you was hilarious where did they get that!

    what an awesome segment on DNL, that show really needs to spice things up — it’s about time they picked up some NYCFG!

    is hill country really that good? i’ve never been

  4. i love CC Says:

    chris cotter is such a cutie patootie!

  5. diana Says:

    hey – -my time warner guide says mets postgame is on SNY at 11pm and then DNL is on at 11;30…

  6. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Tim Allen,

    Thanks man it turned out well. Let me know what you think.

    Doc Dyspepsia,

    Thanks for the love as always, I wasn’t jazzed about the photo but unlike King of Ketchup we didn’t have time for glamour shots and photo shoots.

    I’m definitely still game for Bens Best and the Big Pig.

    Funny Frank,

    Hill Country kicks ass. I used to be down on it but I’ve eaten there again recently and their barbecue is no joke. Go for the moist brisket, the jalapeno cheese sausage, the prime rib and the short ribs (if they have them).


    You’re correct, the reair is at 11:30, thanks for the heads up.

  7. re-air!! Says:

    you should tell people to set their DVRs to record the two shows scheduled to go on at 12 and 12 30 because the mets game ALWAYS goes over the amount of time scheduled on the DVR…

  8. george R. Says:

    I saw you on DNL earlier – that was cool how they did your top 5 spots, they should have you on there more often..

  9. loves it!!!! Says:

    can’t wait to see you on the re-run tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. janie Says:

    i want to have sex with chris cotter

  11. taco guy Says:

    i want to see nycfoodguy go to the taco truck on 91st street and grub on some tacos with Ollie perez and the mexicans in the truck

  12. gary & keith in the booth Says:

    omg some guy just brought gary and keith an order of nachos in the booth after they jokingly told kevin burkhardt to bring them nachos after he did a report……SNY totally has to pop up on the screen “NYCFOODGUY’S TOP 5 NACHOS IN NYC” gary and keith and ron can eat something different in every stadium and we can listen to keith bitch about how he doesnt wanna get fat and hes on a diet!

    i can see it now:


  13. BIG PELF Says:


  14. Danny Says:

    Ooooooh nice job! Getting big time on us! I could not see it (because I don’t have cable) but that is awesome man! Congrats! 🙂

  15. not craig Says:

    hella. very hella coo. hella.

  16. dude Says:

    you’re blowin up!

  17. Sir. Loin Says:

    food guy, what is the best strip club you have eaten at? I usually go with the egg salad at Gallaghers 2000. to die for.

  18. DocChuck Says:


    Though not actually getting on the air must have been a horrible disappointment for you. Iknow it would have been forme.

    My wife is the hostess of a variety show airing on a popular local cable station here in Maryland. If you are ever in the DC/Baltimore area, I could convince her to give you your first real taste of being “on camera.”

  19. dude Says:

    Something tells me the Food Man is on camera more often than we think (hehe).

  20. Phil Says:

    yo foodguy – that segment was awesome. Cotter was LOVIN you!

  21. Evan Says:

    Hello. Anyone home?

  22. Phil Says:

    Wondering why NYCFG isn’t posting anymore. I really enjoy coming to this site when he’s actually posting. Are you ok NYCFG?

  23. Phil Says:

    He hasn’t posted in 12 days! Has the NYC Food Guy starved himself?????

  24. Evan Says:

    Round up the search party…

  25. Phil Says:

    Agreed – where is he? I’m really starting to get worried. Does anyone here actually know the guy? I’ve been an avid reader for a while and he typically posts every couple of days….. whats going on???

  26. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    I am not the Guy’s doctor, but I know he is alive, and will NEVER starve to death. HIPAA regulations (look it up) preclude my divulging information, but I am confident that he will be back among us soon.

    Doc D

  27. dr quack Says:

    you’re a quack!

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