Chirping Chicken: Best cheap late night eats on Upper West Side?


Until 2AM every night, Chirping Chicken offers 4 pieces of flame-broiled chicken & an order of fries for $10. Four pieces of flame-broiled chicken basted in chicken fat, garlic and salt ($6.49 half chicken, white or dark) and a fat order of crispy shoestring fries ($2.89).  Click here for more details.

This may be the best late night meal on the UWS. The chicken is so good that a whole chicken ($11.29, 8 pieces) and no fries is worth considering. Skip the ribs, stick with the chicken. Beware they only serve Hunts ketchup, no Heinz, so prepare accordingly.

Chirping Chicken 355 Amsterdam Ave at 77th Street
(212) 787-6631 (212) 724-8029 (212) 787-6645
Open 7 Days a week until 2AM – Free Delivery

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11 Responses to “Chirping Chicken: Best cheap late night eats on Upper West Side?”

  1. DocChuck Says:


    You have only recent touted this establishment and it’s fatty charred poultry.

    Perhaps you need to get out more.

  2. lauren Says:

    Burgers and fries…chicken and fries…lame greasy sandwich and fries…we need some spice NYCfoodguy. And I don’t mean General Tso’s!

  3. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Don’t you worry about that Doc & Lauren, this was just a little newsflash for the Upper West Siders who don’t get nearly as much love on the food blogs as they should. You just keep your eyes peeled to NYCFoodGuy and I’ll deliver some new goodies asap.

  4. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Food Guy is right, as “fatty charred” can’t go wrong.
    At the same time, Lauren is right: Food Guy needs to get out of the low-end dives and into the light. Get a little sponsorship so you can deduct your culinary adventures as a legitimate business expense!

  5. kingofketchup Says:

    nycfg is right about chirpin — you don’t get more bang for your buck, especially that late.

    i ripped the full chicken and a side of fries last night, and you can’t get a bigger order of fries for that cheap anywhere. I think i paid around 15 bucks, and have tons of leftovers for tonight

    chirpin is definitey where it’s at, but make sure you have a bottle of heinz with you, you’ll need it.

  6. Jack Says:

    I agree with food guy, UWS sucks late nite, good to know there is another option besides french roast

  7. Ripe Banana Says:

    I love fatty chicken. NYCFG do you prefer dark or white meat?

    Does this chirpin chicken place have corn on the cobb? Sold if they do, I’ll go there tomorrow!

  8. mona Says:

    i walk by cc all the time and i’ve been dying to know if the food was good. glad to see you approve. i will now be stopping in!

  9. cobbles Says:

    i’m pretty sure they dont’ have corn on the cobbles at chirpin!

  10. Josh Says:

    I enjoyed the review untill the slander of the best tasting catsup in the world was brought into the mix. I will frequent this establishment and dip those crispy golden fries into a delicious mixture of hot sause and HUNTS.

  11. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    I’m glad you enjoyed the review but nothing mixed with Hunts could ever replace the deliciousness of Heinz. I’m going to have to let the King of Ketchup see this comment and respond to you as well.

    Where else do you like to eat on the UWS? What other good chicken have you had in NYC?

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