Big Apple Barbecue Block Party Rocks: Review to Come


I learned three things this weekend: Big Bob Gibson & Chris Lilly’s Pulled Pork is melt in your mouth amazing, Salt Lick Bar-B-Que’s Brisket is the best I’ve ever had and everything I thought I knew about Barbecue is nothing compared to what I have to learn. Enjoy the collage, review to come.


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21 Responses to “Big Apple Barbecue Block Party Rocks: Review to Come”

  1. Scotty Says:

    oh my gosh look at all of that meat! How did you handle this in the 95 degree heat?

  2. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    I have to give credit to the organizers. Most of the Fast Pass areas were in the shade. It really wasn’t as bad for the patrons as I’m sure it was for the Pit Masters. Those are the people that deserve the real credit. I was up near Big Bob Gibson’s smoker and it was hot as hell. Props to Chris Lilly & his brother and John Markus for pushing on and making the best pulled pork I’ve ever had.

    Where you from? What’s your top BBQ?

  3. DocChuck Says:

    I am a southerner born and bred. BBQ sauce was my mother’s milk and a pork bone was my binkie.

    There is NO WAY that real BBQ is being served anywhere in “New Yawk.”

    I, for one (and my wife agrees, so make that 2) refuse to even acknowledge that what is being prepared and served in NY is “BBQ.”

    Sorry NYC Food Guy, but I am right on this (again). Trust me.

    I’d say the same thing if you were presumptuous enough to write about a catfish fry or a rodeo.

  4. DocUpChuck Says:

    you certainly know your meat doc. nobody will ever question that…

  5. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    If you came down off your horse for a second and actually read the ONE sentence I wrote you would see:

    1) that I have a lot to learn about real barbecue


    2) both the places I mention are from Alabama and Texas.

    So drop the NY hate. You ate at Red Lobster when you came here, what do you know about NY anyway?

  6. Scotty Says:

    DocChuck – I agree with NYCFG. Stop being so pompous and try reading what he writes before spewing nonsense.

    NYCFG – I am born and raised in NYC. Favorite BBQ spots include Daisy Mays and Dinosaur (great review on the wings by the way).

    Have you ever had BBQ in a place like memphis or houston?

  7. brisket-lova Says:

    how briskety was the brisket?

  8. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Never had BBQ south of the Mason Dixon Line, sad fact about NYC Food Guy. I wrote one Dinosaur Wings post & King of Ketchup wrote another, both are pretty money mainly cause their wings are DAMN GOOD!

  9. AG Says:

    Hey NYCFG, glad you made it to the BBQ. I had a blast on Sunday and wrote up my full review, while still extremely stuffed last night. Good food at every stand I tried except Wilson’s. Wilson’s was beyond disappointing and it was very unfortunate. Looking forward to sharing notes, take a look at my review when you get a minute.

    take care

  10. Scotty Says:

    Thanks for the reply food guy (it rhymed!!!). I strongly suggest you take a weekend down in memphis and get some BBQ, flights from NY and cheap and the food is to die for. You really look like a guy who appreciates good meat.

    What are some of the best all you can eat spots in the city?

  11. Bill Says:

    I went both days myself! Loved it and I brought a couple of bottle of water I had stuck in the freezer a few hours before that really ended up being my saving grace. I did feel truly bad for the pit cooks though. They were just about melting out there!

    NYC Food Guy-nice props to BBG (Chris Lilly & the boys). I MUST have one of those pulled pork sandwiches every year I go, no matter how full I am. I think it’s my new yardstick for pulled pork. It’s smoky, tender, moist, crusty and explodes with flavor! I didn’t make it to the Salt Lick this year as I limited myself to places I haven’t tried in years past or newcomers this year (the notable exception being BBGs). It is one of my favorites though! I also had the Brunswick Stew from the Proclamation Stew Crew and it hit Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs. A different take on beef ribs and very good! I did my trip report for it on Check it out. I may send it out soon, but need to do some more edits.

    DocChuck, not sure if you’re aware, but less than half of the BBQ places at the Block Party are NYC based. In fact, two of them have been in business for decades and have both won World Champion and Grand World Champion at Memphis in May, so I’d say they are doing something right! Which NYC BBQ places have you tried so far? What was it about them that you didn’t like?

  12. david Says:

    looks amazing

  13. Scotty Says:

    Did this BBQ festival have good ole’ fashioned chicken wings?

  14. Blondie Says:

    No, no poultry products of any sort, and while I am a huge fan of pork and beef, I’d say there is a need that are not fulfilling. The woman behind us in the hush puppie line was also looking for chicken since she didn’t eat beef.

  15. Back Says:

    melt in your mouth amazing. Whoa!

  16. cutie Says:

    who is that cute boy in the pic on the bottom right?

  17. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    What are some of the best all you can eat spots in the city?

    Great question.

    Georgia’s East Side BBQ All You Can Eat Ribs $28 dollar on Sundays
    Mercadito – Ave B & 11th – All You Can Eat Tacos Sun-Thurs after 10 Fri-Sat after 11, cost $23 dollars
    Churrascuria Plataforma – All You can Eat Brazilian BBQ – $35 at lunch

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg off the top of my head, I’ll do some research and get back to you soon, email me for more info.


    I’ve had all the BBQ Spots present at the Block Party. None of them impressed me. Blue Smoke was good, not amazing. Hill Country’s ribs were sup bar in house but the sausage was excellent. Rack and Soul’s ribs were decent but also, not amazing. Skin was a little too tight and lacquered, meat didn’t taste amazing. That being said, maybe I should have given them a shot Sunday, though I felt like it was wasting stomach space (not that that’s ever been an issue for me) on places I can eat at regularly.

  18. DocChuck Says:

    My dearest NYC Food Guy:

    I have a PhD, but you needn’t have one to know that some people’s horses are higher than others.


    Dr. C.R. Treuter

  19. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    You are calling the kettle black.

  20. devilsangel Says:

    wow. i wish i were in georgia right now. they have the most tender meet i’ve EVER tasted….nyc was alright but not as good…and im a bbq in definant…ino my bbq

  21. devilsangel Says:

    bbq fan*

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