Midtown Lunch: Outdoor Eating Spots


With summer on the horizon, Midtowners should make every effort to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather at lunchtime. Here’s a list of some great public outdoor spots (and recommended nearby eateries), between Sixth and Seventh Avenue and 49th and 55th street, where you can let the sunshine wash away the workday blues.

Between 54th/55th Street and 6th/7th Avenue

Seven tables, various ledges, a fountain with ledges all around.

Recommended Nearby Eating (address at bottom of entries):

Between 53rd/54th Street and 6th/7th Avenue

Twenty three tables and several benches. Sun shines through high, glass-paneled cieling. Open 8AM to 7PM, Monday through Sunday. Remi, an expensive Italian restaurant, and its small takeout spot, Remi To Go, are both inside this atrium. The steam-table fare at Remi To Go looked overpriced and unappetizing when I peeked my head in.

Recommended Nearby Eating (address at bottom of entries):

Between 52nd/53rd Street and 6th & 7th Avenue

Several benches. Pretty cool, not very sunny. Moda Restaurant and Lounge is within this atrium and just opened their outdoor bar and seating area which is open from 3:30PM to 11:00PM.

Recommended Nearby Eating (address at bottom of entries):

Between 51st/52nd Street and 6th & 7th Avenue

A lot of bench space. Airy but crowded and loud, especially due to traffic noise. Some small construction last time I ventured past, not very scenic.

Corner of 51st and 6th Avenue

28 tables and benches, rarely receiving direct sunlight except for closer to 6th Avenue. Noise and pollution from traffic and passersby hurt atmosphere.

Recommended Nearby Eating (address at bottom of entries):

Between 49th/50th Street and 6th & 7th Avenue

By far the most spacious area in this entry. Benches and around 40 tables (135 seats). Very crowded and tough to get a seat during summertime peak lunch hours. There are sunny and shady spots and a fountain. Open from 7AM until 9PM April 1st through October 31st.

Recommended Nearby Eating (address at bottom of entries):


9 Responses to “Midtown Lunch: Outdoor Eating Spots”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    Great recommendations!!

  2. veggiehater Says:

    shiiitttyyyy recommendations….siiiiiiiiiiiiike! great recs!

  3. stevenp Says:

    Isn’t there another nice outdoor place right by there, I think it’s between 48th and 49th St, 6th/7th Aves? It’s the one with the wall of falling water.

  4. NYC Food Guy Says:


    Funny you say that. That was one of the areas that spurned this story but unfortunately it’s under a bunch of scaffolding now for an undisclosed amount of time. You’re correct about the address. Any other spots off the top of your head?

  5. Blondie Says:

    AH! We’re on the same wavelength. I was thinking about doing a Goggle map of the outdoor/public spots. Another great one in Midtown West is between 48th and 49th streets, between Broadway and 8th.

  6. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    You know what they say, great minds think alike. That’s solid. How do you make google maps?

  7. Blondie Says:

    I don’t know. I hadn’t gotten that far.

  8. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    That’s hilarious. We’re one in the same, solid ideas, questionable execution. Let me know how that works out if you take the plunge.

  9. Midtown Lunch » Midtown Links (Pitiful Free Samples Edition) Says:

    […] If you want to meet Superman, here are his favorite outdoor eating spots in Midtown [NYC Food Guy] […]

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