Subway Series Eats: $3.75 Spanish Roast Half Chicken near Yankee Stadium


The Subway Series begins this weekend at Yankee Stadium and if you want to enjoy some authentic Bronx eats that won’t break the bank, look no further than the roast chicken at Molino Rojo. It’s just $3.75 for a delicious half chicken leaving plenty of money for those $8 beers. This chicken (white & dark meat) embodies all you can ask for: Crisp, moist, and deliciously greasy. The flavor is slightly garlicky with what tasted like a hint of lime. I hit up Molino Rojo after a Wednesday night game and the joint was still open 2 hours after the final pitch.  You can also get some Golden Krust Beef Patties on Gerard Avenue off 161st street. I reccomend the spicy beef.

Molino Rojo 101 East 161st St. Bronx, NY 10451 718-538-9642

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4 Responses to “Subway Series Eats: $3.75 Spanish Roast Half Chicken near Yankee Stadium”

  1. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Looks great. What about sides?

  2. stevenp Says:

    The only side you need is beer. And some pepto-bismol for dessert to quell the retching from watching the Yankees. 😉

  3. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Doc, the only sides that I saw out front were rice and beans and some gnarly looking fried plantains. I passed on that and stuck to the chicken. I recommend you do the same.


    I hope you’re right this weekend.

  4. dutchtwista Says:

    as a neighborhood resident, take it from me, this place is awful.
    the only restaurants worth ordering from in the immediate vicinity are Feeding tree and Golden Krust (both Jamaican). Even the pizza offerings are terrible up here.

    If you’ve got time and want a real meal go to 167th & River, under the 4 train elevated tracks and there are two dynamite Latino food options. Can’t recall the names but one is a large Dominican joint specializing in rotisserie chicken, and the other is a Cuban-Chinese diner, a uniquely NYC culinary experience.

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