Eating at Shea Stadium: Nathan’s Foot Long Chili Cheese Dog & Nathan’s Fries


Unlike Dodger Dogs in Los Angeles, Chili Cheese Coneys in Cincinnati, or Garlic Fries in San Fran, Major League Baseball in New York is known more for its overpriced players than its overpriced stadium grub. Enter NYC Food Guy. I’m here to tell you that if you’re going to Shea Stadium the best bang for your buck may just be the $7 Nathan’s Chili Cheese Foot Long Hot Dog.

$7 for one hot dog is ridiculous, but this puppy is a meal. Beefy chili, artery clogging cheddar cheese sauce, and a plump, juicy dog (ask for a well done one). It’s obviously not as good as the Nathan’s in Coney Island, especially when it comes to the flimsy white bun, which collapsed under the weight of the dog and toppings. The dog is typical Nathan’s, not too snappy with a balanced flavor between garlic and beef. The chili is beefy and thin but works well with the overtly artificial cheese sauce, which was killing me slowly.

The fries ($5.00) are certainly Nathan’s style, but definitely not up to par. They’re never really crispy, even at the real Nathan’s, but most of the time at Shea they’re not only soggy but cold too. I’m a french fry addict, I have a hard time not getting them, but I will definitely pass on these next time I attend a Mets game and I suggest you do the same. Honorable mention to Leo’s Latticini (a.k.a Mama’s) Italian heroes which I hear are significantly better at the actual Corona, Queens store.


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10 Responses to “Eating at Shea Stadium: Nathan’s Foot Long Chili Cheese Dog & Nathan’s Fries”

  1. gerard Says:

    sausage and peppers at shea are pretty good as well. they blow the bronx ones out of the water. thats the only thing the mets have better than the yanks……

  2. dogs Says:

    the mets have bigger hot dogs than the yanks. especially hideki and wang

  3. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Everything at Shea is better than at Yankee Stadium, including the players, the only thing Yankee Stadium offers is tradition. Food is an embarassment at Yankee Stadium.

  4. Shea Aficionado Says:

    there is a random stand on the mezz section which has both pulled pork and bbq brisket sandwiches… I had the brisket last time I was there and given the lack of options if you aren’t on the field level, was quite content. I think the sandwich was around 7 bucks and came with a small bag of original lays.

  5. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Shea Afficionado,

    Brisket and pulled pork at Shea? Intriguing. This could change everything!

    I’m going to seek them both out and let you know what the verdcit is. Do you remember where it is in Mezz?

  6. hot dog vender Says:

    i’m a hot dog vender at shea. i would love to hook you up with free hot dogs

  7. hot dog distributor Says:

    I have tons of amazing hotdogs that i’m looking to distrubute to male bloggers for free to get the word out about my brand. please email me if interested in tasty hot dogs and making money. Thank you.

  8. weiner luver Says:

    NYCFG – any more pics of that hot dog??? it’s REALLY making my mouth water…….

  9. dog question Says:

    nycfg– question….do you prefer the thinner footlong, or would you prefer a shorter, girthier, more well-done smaller dog?

    I like both, but i’m wondering your thoughts. I had a footlong the other day and it was just very difficult to handle and maneuver into my mouth

  10. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Dog Question,

    Sounds like you have some more serious issues than worrying about hot dogs. Maybe you should get those reconciled before you bring them onto the site…

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