NYC Food Guy’s Cheap Eats: Superb Subs at Dave’s Bagel Stop in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn


Dave’s Bagel Stop delivers each of the 3 essentials NYC Food Guy requires for a great cold sub while offering a free can of soda when you buy a 12-inch hero ($5.50). All I need is a chewy, airy roll that’s light and sturdy, big portions of high quality, thin-cut cold cuts, and fresh, thinly sliced lettuce and tomato. I recommend you go for the lean and moist pastrami with provolone, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar, and mayo and mustard. Ask for the dressings on the side, because if you’re traveling with the sandwich they’ll soggy up the bread. Dave’s is down the block from the Sheepshead Bay Road/16th Street B/Q Subway station, so grab a meal on the go and know you’re being good to your stomach and great to your wallet.

    Dave’s Bagel Stop 1424 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235
    718-648-7348 Hours: Mon – Fri 6AM to 8PM Sat – Sun 6AM to 5PM

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23 Responses to “NYC Food Guy’s Cheap Eats: Superb Subs at Dave’s Bagel Stop in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn”

  1. Celestialnyc Says:

    Why go there when you can get a 12 inch dellcious sub at SUBWAYS? YUM! Fresh and gorgeous. Especially the hot meatball sub or terryaki. But of course..any sub with MAYO and BLT hits the spot.

  2. anonymous Says:

    oil, vinegar, mayo and mustard???

    you’re a madman Lawrence

  3. Ulla Says:

    I am in love with this post. The sandwiches are calling my name.

  4. Doctor Dyspepsia Says:

    Last one tonight, guy, I promise! I’ll bet that sandwich isn’t bad, despite including pastrami, provolone and mayo. What??? Not since “Annie Hall” has anyone put the words “pastrami” and “mayo” in the same sentence, no less the same sandwich. Wasn’t really pastrami, I bet. Enough.

    The Doctor.

  5. Lil NYC Food Guy Says:

    Does that mean pastrami with russian is a no-no in your books too? because that combo is unbelievably good. I mean good enough to put in my “last meal” post if i had one.

  6. an interesting propositon Says:

    Dear New York City Food Guy,

    I found it quite funny that you are boasting about a 12″ sandwich for $5.99 that comes with a free soda. I know of something you could eat for free (100% meat), and although it is roughly 1/3 the size of your pastrami sandwich and doesn’t come with a free soda, its width is shockingly similar to the size of a soda can. Let me know if you’d be interested in reviewing.

    P.S. – love the site. Cheers!

  7. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Subway is one of those places that’s only good when you absolutely can’t find anything else to eat. You can always find a better sandwich. That being said, when you need it, and you’re starving, it’s pretty tasty. The key is loading up on toppings. They lose big points for their meats though, which all are skimpy portions and low quality. It’s the toppings that make a Subway sub.


    I’m all about the condiments.


    Thanks for the love. Cool website you’ve got there, your photos are great. I aspire to take photos that awesome.

    Doctor Dyspepsia,

    Are you feeling the symptoms of your namesake after looking at a sandwich like this? I give you credit for knowing what good food is after reading your response to my Katz’s post, but believe me when I tell you, I was against the mayo the first time I had this sandwich but when you mix it with a little mustard, it’s like a dijon. Pretty tasty.

    Lil NYC Food Guy,

    I’m embarassed for not thinking of getting Russian. I’m sure it’d be great with the right Russian. Maybe it’s time for a Lil NYC Food Guy last meal post.

    Interesting Proposition,

    Thanks but no thanks.

  8. DDR Says:

    12 inches isnt enough for me…i need something bigger than that if i’m going to be putting it in my mouth

  9. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Your posts become more original by the day. Keep up the good work.

  10. TEFKADDR Says:

    That sandwich looks quite good. I think I agree with the lil nyc food guy in that russian would have been a superior choice. Is there an option for extra meat?

    And WOW, it was almost 3 full days before someone made a homosexually-charged comment under my alias. 3 days is a long time.

  11. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    You can always get extra meat, just like crappy Subway, you just pay extra. I’m not sure how much, however. I’ll have to see what’s up with the Russian and let you guys know.

  12. Doctor Dyspepsia Says:

    Re the mayo vs. Russian controversy: Although mayo is in itself a wonderful thing as a fat-saturated sandwich lubricant (no gay reference intended, believe me, I’m talking about even a dry turkey sandwich with enough mayo is palatable). However, other than perhaps egg salad, Russian is a superior add-on, or even ingredient. Try a tuna salad made with some ketchup along with the mayo.

  13. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Tuna with Russian. Very interesting. Have you had Tuna with honey mustard? There’s a bagel store in Great Neck, NY called Best Bagels that makes a Tuna, Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss cheese sandwich. Get it on a flat sesame bagel with honey mustard and get some extra honey mustard on the side. Wow. Serious stuff. It’s a beast of a sandwich and it’s delicious.

  14. Doctor Dyspepsia Says:

    Sounds good, but best tuna sandwich is made by yours truly-

    A little diced onion
    Bread of your choice- (I like rye or pita)- with swiss melted on top slice under the broiler: Hot cheese on cold tuna- the best.

    See you around…

  15. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    That’s a pretty crazy tuna sandwich. Those first 4 ingredients are obviously mixed together? Rye and Pita are solid, I could handle a nice ciabatta or maybe a chalah roll. The cold tuna is key, nothing nastier than warm tuna salad. What’s the Mayo to Ketchup ratio?

  16. Doctor Dyspepsia Says:

    Full disclosure on the recipe: this is my take on the original from “Joe’s” a sandwich purveyor on Benefit Street, Providence, RI, c. 1973, now probably made extinct in the ongoing upscaling of that once-seedy city.

    The recipe is this: standard mayo (or a little more), enough ketchup to turn the whole thing rosy pink without obvious ketchup flavor. You’ll know when you see it. Re the choice of bread, whatever you like, Food Guy, but I find too much bread detracts from the main point of the sandwich. But then, I’m one of those guys who pulls the middle out of bagels and rolls because it’s a waste of valuable gastric real estate.

  17. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    You’re a scooper? Wow, I never would have guessed it. That’s a little disappointing. For me the bread usually makes or breaks a sandwich. Bad bread can kill any type of good filling. King of Ketchup makes his tuna with Miracle Whip, I don’t like that for sandwiches, but for some reason it’s great when dipping chips right into the tuna, no bread.

    If you could eat one more sandwich for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  18. DDR Says:

    I would eat the sandwich with the biggest piece of MEAT inside…you know what they say, “the more meat the merrier!”

  19. Doctor Dyspepsia Says:

    First: DDR- enough already. I would think you like fruit better, anyway.

    Now, for real: Food Guy, for my last sandwich, I’d have to say corned/pastrami combo, Russian, mustard, cole slaw on seedless rye. And you? Brisket, no doubt.

  20. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    You are correct in asumming that this “New” DDR loves fruits. Period.

    As far as my last sandwich goes, it’s a tough call.

    It would have to be Kosher Deli.

    First: Half a pastrami from Kensington on club roll with russian and mustard. On the side I’d get some Ben’s Deli slaw and pickles because Kensington’s are sub par.

    2nd: Katz’s brisket with fried onions and gravy from Kensington, all on club roll. Add a schmear of Russian.

    It’s a last meal, we can make it work.
    Have you seen my Kensington/Pancho’s post?

  21. Doctor Dyspepsia Says:

    Why half a pastrami to start? Last meal, have two sandwiches, have six. Who cares? Gotta sample the Ben’s slaw, because nothing wrong with Kensington, but continuous quality improvement is what made Toyota eat Detroit’s lunch. No food allusions intended, really.

    So deli on. Let us hope that food dude and his cretinous ilk do not notice this conversation. God help us all.

    The Doctor (who is not religious, but who hopes for the best).

  22. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Doctor Dyspepsia,

    I’ve always battled with the realm of limitations and the realm of true last meal status. I guess I’d have to eat until regurgitation if it really was my last meal. In that case, I’m going with a full pastrami, corned beef, turkey combo with Russian, mustard, and cole slaw all on top and some sour pickles on the side. Also, an order of well done fries with lots of salt, pepper, and ketchup.

    Oh boy. Now I’m making myself hungry. When are we going to 2nd Avenue Deli?

  23. Doctor Dyspepsia Says:

    I always thought the OLD 2nd Avenue Deli was overrated, but I’m an open-minded guy, and OK to try.

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