NYC Food Guy on A Hamburger


A Hamburger Today is the premiere Burger blog on the World Wide Web. NYC Food Guy recently had the honor of receiving recognition from the nationally acclaimed Hamburger haven. I refer to this site everyday for all I need to know on everything burgers. It’s fresh, comprehensive, and features great writing from Adam Kuban (also creator of, the premiere pizza blog on the Web) and the rest of the AHT crew. Check out both sites and enjoy the food frenzy.



15 Responses to “NYC Food Guy on A Hamburger”

  1. banana lover Says:

    that is so cool you were linked to on that site!

    I hope you get traffic, this site rocks!!!!!!!

  2. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Thanks. Appreciate the kind words. It’s been fun. Are you also a burger lover? Any top spots?

  3. banana lover Says:

    I love burgers. Have you ever tried good burger? There are quite a few locations in the city. Place is pretty quality.

  4. oliver perez Says:

    i would love to go get some tacos with you sometime NYCFG…….taco truck on the UES?

  5. Derek Jeter Says:

    Damn my groin really hurts. Good thing A-rod bent me over his locker after the game while eating a balogna sandwich.

  6. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Great to hear from you. The truck is on the UWS but the one in Chelsea on 8th ave and 14th street is better.


    Sorry to hear you’re in pain, better tell A-Rod to be more careful.

  7. A Sox Fan Says:

    I fuckin knew those two were gay!

  8. Davey Says:

    I’m an avid reader of A Hamburger Today and came across your site through that posting. I’ve been reading thoroughly ever since. Great site! You’re now in my bookmarks and will be visiting as often.


    Davey – NJ

  9. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Thanks for the support. Where in Jersey are you from? I’ve got a few friends I’m planning on making a nice food tour with this summer, maybe multiple food tours. What are some stops I absolutely have to make?

  10. Davey Says:

    White Mana, Hackensack – ABSOLUTE BEST BURGERS in the state. It’s an institution. If you are going to one place this is it (if you haven’t been there already)

    Rutts Hutt, Clifton NJ – Deep Fried Hot Dogs – The relish is killer. Place has been there for like 40 years.

    Hot Grill – Clifton, NJ – Another Texas Weiner place (deep fried hot dogs). Would go with the Cheeseburger “all the way” though. Which is a chili cheeseburger. Good stuff. The fries w/ cheese and gravy are a staple here. The gravy is an odd color but it’s fantastic.

    I would say these are my top 3 that are maybe 25-30 minutes outside NYC. Drives aren’t bad and you could easily do a tour out of these 3. They are not too far from each other if you know the roads.

  11. Davey Says:

    I’m from Secaucus which is right near Giant’s Stadium.

  12. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    I know Secaucus all to well, used to work there myself. Wish I had ordered from your Chinese place while I was there. Never got around to it.

    Thanks for the NJ recommendations btw, I’m going to definitely take those into consideration for this summer.

    Have you seen the deep fried hot dog I had in the East Village?
    It’s covered in sourcream and avacado. Check it out here.

  13. davey Says:

    Is that the place on St. Marks that has the really weird decor?

  14. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Weird decor how so? Its called Crif Dogs, they have video games and toys on the wall

  15. Davey Says:

    The toys thats right! I couldn’t remember. I remember like an old school G.I. hanging by it’s neck from the ceiling. It was pretty strange. Good place though. I’d say you’d enjoy Rutts better though.

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