NYC Food Guy Creation: The 24-Hour Homemade Chipwich


So after a late dinner in SoHo last night, my lovely date and I were craving something sweet to top the meal off. Houston’s was closed so no brownie sundae. Banana Pudding to go from Blue Smoke? Also closed. This is when New Yorkers should praise the lord for 24-hour bodegas. Every bodega has cookies and every bodega has ice cream and in NYC Food Guy’s estimation, you can never go wrong combining the two.


For delicious dessert at a rockbottom price, read on…

$7.95. Yes, $7.95 for all of this deliciousness. And thanks to bodegas, say it with me now “Bo-De-Ga”, you can have this at every hour of the day. The beauty of it all is any cookie or ice cream will do. Want to get really crazy? Get an ice cream bar and break it up. Could you imagine Toasted Almond cookie sandwiches?


Here’s what it took to make this happen and here’s the simple steps that even the most under-the-influence-individual can’t mess up.

  1. If the cookies are of the crunchy variety like above, microwave the cookies for around :45 seconds. If they’re all ready soft like Entenman’s then :15 – :20 seconds should do.
  2. Let the ice cream sit out for a few minutes so it gets malleable. If the ice cream’s too frozen to scoop, your cookies will lose their heat as you battle with the ice cream.
  3. Turn one cookie on its top and scoop the ice cream onto it. Close the sandwich. Eat & Enjoy.

I’m pumped to see what kind of cookie creations you all come up with. Send submissions to and I’ll definitely post it on the site. Thanks in advance.


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11 Responses to “NYC Food Guy Creation: The 24-Hour Homemade Chipwich”

  1. DDR Says:

    Two words: Diddy Riese. NYC NEEDS the Diddy.
    Picture it: two fresh-baked jumbo cookies with a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor (out of 20 or so flavors) betwixt the two. And it’s only $1.50.
    Lines out the door but well worth waiting for.
    I found a photo.

  2. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    That looks pretty awesome but we also have Milk And Cookies. Stay tuned for a review.

  3. JOM Says:

    Hey there- I really enjoy your reviews but your pictures leave something to be desired- mabye taking the pictures a little further away or changing your flash settings (all the pictures seem so dark) – something about seeing every little dark grease spot is a little less than appetizing.

  4. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Thanks for the kind words. Which pictures are you referring to specifically. It would be helpful to know because then I can isolate what might be the issue. I’m not using a very advanced camera so I’m taking a hit there but I’m looking into an upgrade. I appreciate the honesty.

    On the flip side, which pictures do you like?

  5. Hungry@Work Says:

    Hi, Found your link through a review you had made through Yelp (specifically Zaragoza). I just finished reading all of your entries and have bookmarked your blog because 1)fantastic food eye candy 2)think about food all the time, think you do too 3)you post places in manhattan! Very hungry and very appreciative of your website because now I am super excited to stop by Zaragoza for takeout dinner. I’ll be visiting often, Thanks for the great read!

  6. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    THANKS. You know me too well.

    I live for food. I dream about food. I have a cold right now and I realized the other day the worst thing that could happen to me is losing my sense of taste.

    If you have any suggestions for places you want to see on here or places I need to try, speak up! I love hearing other peoples opinions and criticism on any topic.

    Thanks again for the kinds words.

  7. cookie monster Says:

    i like hot cookies, and i love ice cream. i’ll definitely be making some of these this weekend. thanks for the tip

  8. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Cookie Monster-

    ME WANT COOKIES! I’m a big C-Mon fan, definitely one of the better Seasame Street characters. Who’s your top choice?

    Glad to hear you’ll be making the chipwich one of these days. If you create something delicious send a pic over, I’d be happy to post it. What ice cream flavor and cookies will you go with?

  9. hahah Says:


  10. John Says:

    …are these just as good when sober, or is it best to be under the influence? I’d like to compare and decide when it’s best do indulge in this delectable delicacy. Let’s do an experiment…

  11. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Sober or Inebriated, this ice cream sandwich always gets the job done. Let us know how the experiment goes.

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