NYC Food Guy Recommends… Manhattan Edition


Since I haven’t been able to post a serious review in the last few days, I wanted to give the loyal readers something for sticking with the Food Guy while things are thin, granted the EV Food Tour (below) is enough food for a month. If I get some good feedback, I’ll do this every week.


Read on to find a great place for every meal this weekend…

Breakfast/Brunch – Good Enough to Eat

483 Amsterdam Ave. nr. 83rd St. (212) 496-0163


Always a mob scene for brunch (served until 4pm), this hearty, homestyle spot with the picket fence out front, is actually worth the wait and the trip to the UWS. Go for the Lumber Jill (two pancakes topped w/strawberries, two sausages or slices of bacon, two scrambled eggs – Flickr photo) and ask for some strawberry butter and biscuits. Slather the pancakes in the strawberry butter and syrup and you are in for a hell of a meal. Pancakes are fluffy, light, and not too big. They also have a plethora of other decadent dishes including Peter Paul pancakes (Flickr photo) with Belgium chocolate and coconut and topped with toasted coconut.

Lunch – Lamazou Cheese

370 3rd Ave. nr. 27th St. (212) 532-2009


Get the Italico sandwich (pictured) (mortadella, salami, provolone) at this old fashioned cheese shop in Murray Hill. Add some lettuce, tomato, roasted red peppers, and balsamic vinaigrette. I love this place because it’s no frills and very authentic. Anything you order will be good, just don’t be like the woman who I heard order chicken salad.

Mid-Afternoon Snack – Rainbow Falafel

26 E 17th St Btwn Bway & 5th Ave (212) 691-8641

Best falafel I’ve had in NYC, the place is a hole in the wall, but it’s money. Ask for everything and get the hot sauce. Not for those who dislike raw onion. Only open till 7pm. “Lebanese/Syrian/Palestinian/Jordanian” style falafel, according to the owner, with balls made exclusively of chickpeas. Different from Mamoun’s which uses cheaper fava beans, not that anyone who eats there is sober enough to know the difference.

Dinner – Beyoglu

1431 Third Ave. at 81st St (212) 650-0850

This Turkish meze mecca gives you a reason to go to the UES. Even if you’re not that adventurous there’s plenty to fill you up before a night on the town. I recommend Hummus, Cacik (yogurt & dill sauce with cucumber & garlic), Patlican Domates Soslu (lightly pan-fried cubes of eggplant topped with sauteed fresh tomato), Shepherd Salad (chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions & peppers, with lemon vinaigrette) and ask for some Feta on top. The free unlimited flatbread is killer, fluffy, and served hot. Grab a glass of Turkish Red Wine, sweet with a bite, and 2 can have a great meal for around $50.

Late NightZiggiz

Official NYC Food Guy Review here

333 Third Ave. nr. 25th St. (212)-683-3663


Though their sign reads “Burgers, Philly Steaks, Burritos”, you’re here for the fries first and everything else second. Thin, crisp, and double-fried, these fries may be the most addictive and irresistible late night snack in the city. Forget Pommes Frites, Ziggiz fries are where it’s at. The food is standard grease pit, but the fries are so good they carry everything else. Open until 5AM Friday & Saturday and 3AM during the week, Ziggiz also delivers and you can order online. Check out my review here for more info.


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26 Responses to “NYC Food Guy Recommends… Manhattan Edition”

  1. NYC Food Girl Says:

    What’s up food man?

    I like the suggestions.

    I’ve been to Good Enough to Eat, I waited sooooooooo long. But you’re right, the food was yummy!

    Ziggiz fries look amaaaaaazing. I’m definitely gonna go there, I live right in the neighborhood but have never been.

    What else ya got?

  2. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    NYC Food Girl –

    Nice name, very original.

    I’m glad you dig the suggestions. I stand behind them.

    Get yourself to Ziggiz ASAP and let me know how delicious those fries were. A few drinks before the meal never hurts.

    What else I got? Great question. What are you looking for? There’s a lot waiting to be reviewed, so stay tuned for more delicous food…

  3. sumtin Says:

    i got sumtin for ya food girl…and yes, you can eat it.

  4. Celestialnyc Says:

    The fries looks good but extremely greasy. You should dress up the fries even more with mayo and chilli mixed together. topped with cheese, sopur cream, and a spoonful of pig lard! yum-O

  5. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    WOW. Now you’re talking. Those fries aren’t as greasy as they look. They just came out of the fryer and caught the flash so they’re glistening.

    You have a great imagination for food. I don’t know how I feel about the pig lard but then again, how bad can it be?

    If you put those fries together, take a pic and send it over, I’d love to post that on the site.

    What are your top fries in the city?

  6. Celestialnyc Says:

    NYC Food Guy,
    Tell you the truth..any fries will do. it’s all about the dressing my man. chipotle, creamy ranch, add some paprika, touch of hot sauce..delicious. OR take some clam chowder mixed with chilli and pour over hot steamy fries.

  7. Celestialnyc Says:

    oh yea..try taking hot pockets and dunking it in mayo and a touch of hot sauce or you can subsitute the mayo with ranch dip..amazing….

  8. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    You are the condiment emperor. Where did you come up with all these creations? Clam chowder mixed with chilli? What kind of chowder, what kind of chili? And hot pockets dunked in mayo hot sauce or ranch hot sauce? Crazy, what kind of hot pockets are best?

  9. Celestialnyc Says:

    NYC Food Guy,

    It all depends on you. If you have time, you can always make the chilli/clam chowder homemae. OR just buy it stright out of the cam from the supermarket. The hotpockets should bethe ones in the green package..not red. Those are kinda nasty. The filling is not fresh at all…And when it comes to the mayo..don’t be stingy. I saw our it ON!! It’s heaven. kinda ike a mini orgasam. Oh, whie your at the market..pick up some mac & cheese. Mix it with diff kinds of cheese and add some paprika, cayenne pepper, HOT SAUCE. But def try the hotpockets dipped into a massive amount of mayo. NEVER, EVER, buy the fat free mayo or light mayo …it’s not the me. SOur cream and onion dip works just as well. Have fun binging!!! BTW, if you ever go to flusing queens..go to te chinese bakery and pick up their premade chicken hamburger, I’ll try and see if i can find a pic of’s really good. Especially if you get it fresh in the morning, while it’s still warm. And don’t forget to add some MAYO on it. ^_^

  10. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    You are officially the Mayo Master. How did you come up with these concoctions?

  11. Celestialnyc Says:

    NYC Food Guy-
    Let’s just say i’m am i food whore. :> On the verg of obession. it’s amaznig how cheap food and be turned into something absolutely heavenly. I find that mayo makes everything taste so much more amazing. FOr example. If you’re on a budget and want a quick and easy fix. Go to walgreens or any local drugstore and buy the cheap 1 dollar pizza. Heat it up, and top it with creamy condiments. If you get to tostitos spinach/ranch dip and spread it on top. So sinfully delicious. Or even the 6 pack white castle sliders. If you like sweets. Get a gallon of ice cream. I prefer cookies’n cream and crumble some soft, moist, creamy pound cake, and mix it in…yum. Did i mention, tarter sauce is amazing drenched in tarter sauce. Lovely. it’s inexpensive and tasty all at the same time.

    Now, for pizza. If your not near a lombardi’s or feel to lazy to go out to get the authentic pizza..i say get Papa John’s delivery. THIN CRUST. They def have great pizza. Just the right amount of everything. it’s prob my #1 pick for delivery pizza. I heard Rosa’s in queens is amazing…but haven’t had the chance to try it yet.

    Now for chinese- DIM SUM all the way. I just adore the soup dumplings at joe’s shanghai. Sau mai, mini roast pork buns, shrimp wrapped in rice paper, and lot’s more. If you come to flushign queens, there is a lady selling these wonderful brad noddles with spicy and sweet peanut sauce. They are just soooooo addicting. Right amount of heat and sweetness. And it’s so cheap. SHe’s right by the LIRR near the mayflower bakery. It’s on main st. Def a must try! ANd for dessert, most go for the bubble drink. I like the taro. If you want cake..try the chestnut filled cream pastry at fay dai. It is top with fruits, and a bit of whipped cream. But the chestnut melts in your mouth like b.u.t.t.a.h.!

  12. girl1 Says:

    Beyoglu is a favorite of mine! It is well worth the trek from Brooklyn for that delicious bread. Dream meal- turkish beer, veggie combo platter (get crazy- mix ’em all teogether!), and the lamb doner entree (incredible dish). Finish it off with the Khadayif (sp?).

    Man, i love this place…perhaps I will pay it a visit one night this week.

  13. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    You really bring your A-game for Beyoglu! Sounds like you eat just as much as I do, which is always too much. But I guess if you’re traveling from Brooklyn you need to make it worth your while. Where in Brooklyn do you live? I’m not huge on the entrees there, I’ve had the lamb doner dish once, it was okay. The lamb/chicken kebab was much better. I pretty much stick to a bunch of small plates and feast there.

    Is Khadayif the dessert that sort of looks like shredded wheat but is drenched in honey?

    Let us know what you end up eating if you get there this week. Any other go to spots for Turkish?

  14. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Girl 1 & CelestialNyc-

    Any recommendations for this week’s NYC Food Guy recommends?

  15. Celestialnyc Says:

    NYC Food Guy,
    I would love to see a review on all things FRIED! Like Fried oreos, Twinkies, and even hamburgers. OR cupcakes from Magnolia’s, crumbs, sunshinebakery ect..that would def be a good read. Or you could be daring like andrew Zimmerman and eat live squid from a korean resturant. They serve in KOREA or animal penis?..just an idea:>

  16. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Wow, setting the bar high for me huh? I’m going to have to pass on the Andrew Zimmerman outings. I won’t be eating bugs or animal gentials anytime soon.

    But the fried food extravaganza, now that’s something I could handle. Same with the cupcakes. My friend Janine has been wanting to do the cupcake hunt for a while. Maybe it’s time.

  17. DDR Says:

    Nice overview, NYCFG.

    Lebanese/Syrian/Palestinian/Jordanian style falafel is a bit of a contradiction. Not all of those are the same, and Lebanese is always the best.

    Beyoglu is good for the mezze, I agree. Although I wouldn’t stray too far from the appetizer menu.

    Also, try to include prices where possible.

  18. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Good Suggestions. The multi-national nature of Rainbow was puported by the actual owner. Maybe I should add that. I’m in full agreement of not straying from the meze at Beyoglu.

  19. Celestialnyc Says:

    NYC Foodguy-

    You are the MAn! If you do plan on the cupcake hunt, don’t forget to include many, many pictures. Or maybe a video clip of you enjoying the ARTIE LANG crumb cupcake. Have a good time with it. You are like the dream food eating partner. You’re def rock’in it.

  20. DDR Says:

    There’s a lot of love going on here.

  21. Celestialnyc Says:


    What can i say? Food brings people together. I guess you can say i’m a food whore. Love experimenting with food. Love eating food. love making food. I guess you can say i have a very big obsession with food. All about the food network and trrave channel. Gotta love anthong bourdain:> ith all the food i eat, i have to balance it out with time at the gym. blah BTW..has anyone tried spam with spicy honey mustard or mayo..OMG…so good.

  22. girl1 Says:

    I was living in DUMBO and recently moved into the city. I’d love to see a review of a great mid-priced restaurant in the west village.. maybe somethign off the beaten path? Since moving there, I have been exploring the new hood looking for hidden gems (there were tons in brooklyn). If you know of any, let’s get a review going!

  23. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Have you been to Westville? Bleecker and west 10th? It’s small but they offer great homemade American food and dessert. You can get a great vegetable appetizer plate for like $13. That isn’t my thing but I had it and loved it so I think that says a lot right there.

    I’ve heard good things about the burger at a place called Alexandra on Barrow and Houston.

    Olive Tree Cafe has awesome fries, theyre above comedy cellar on macdougal so always busy but affordable and you can draw with chalk on the table tops.

    Shade on Sullivan and West 3rd has great crepes.

    Ditch Plains is also supposed to be quality for bruch, that’s on bedford and downing.

    Then there’s always Blue Ribbon, a little on the pricey side but I’ve never heard a bad thing about it. It’s on Downing & Bedford.

    I’m hoping to get to all of these places at some time in the near future, if you’re interested in making a little food tour a la my east village food tour (under $10/place and no wait staff), let me know and we’ll make it happen.

  24. girl1 Says:

    Wow, an invitation to join a west vill food tour? Where do I sign up!

    However if this tour is similar to the other I’m not sure I could stomach all that stuff. Did you have to take off from work the next day to recuperate?

  25. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Ha, yes, an invitation to a West Village Glutton Fest. It would have to be similar to the East Village one. At least 6 stops, just to match the 1st tour. I don’t see us topping it.

    Here’s what I envision for part 1 of the West Village Food Tour…

    Burger at Stoned Crow
    Tacos at Pio Maya
    Falafel at Taim
    Cheeseteak at BB Sandwich Bar
    Fried Chicken at Dirty Bird to Go
    Banana Pudding and a cupcake at Magnolia

    We’d Have to split everything except the Tacos. Think you could hang?

    Who else thinks they can hang? Any suggestions or pointers to stay away from these places?

  26. girl1 Says:

    Ok, let’s conquer….!

    I happened to grab dins at Taim tonight, but resisted the urge to get some of their homemade fries. They make one of the best falafel sandwiches (love the Harissa) around. Can we split the fries when we go on the tour?

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