The Stanton Social’s Warm Doughnuts: Decadent & Delicious, Sauces not necessary


Next time your downtown and on the prowl for some great dessert in a trendy atmosphere, head over to The Stanton Social where you can find these ridiculously delicious cinnamon and sugar covered warm doughnut holes with three sauces for dipping: chocolate, caramel, and raspberry.


I’ve heard Stanton Social also serves great food, including Kobe Sliders and French Onion Soup dumplings. I haven’t tried either but the doughnuts were amazing enough, even without the sauces, for me to go back.

For a trip to cinnamon-sugar heaven, read on…

If you’ve ever eaten a fresh, warm doughnut and you love super sweet desserts that seem to melt on your tongue, then these warm doughnut holes are for you…


Look at the cinnamon and sugar caked on the sides of these doughy nuggets of goodness. Worried about those naked spots on the sides? Read on to find out why you need not fret.

The sauces were truly nothing special, but it doesn’t matter because the doughnuts are that damn good and sweet on their own…

  • Caramel – This was my favorite sauce. Decadent and painfully sweet, it was the only one that meshed with the sugary coating of the doughnut without taking over the flavor.
  • Chocolate – Boring and bland, it didn’t enhance the doughnuts. It tasted like a mix between dark and milk chocolate and was a little thicker than chocolate syrup in consistency. I don’t know if any chocolate sauce would really work with the donuts but chocolate lovers will be happy.
  • Raspberry – Too tart for the donuts. This sauce would be better with some sorbet or around a slice of key lime pie. I tried a raspberry/chocolate combo dip and it did nothing for me.

Pillowy and light, these donuts are delicate deliverers of sweetness. They’re so thin and airy that you could press edge to edge with a tiny squeeze of thumb and forefinger.


Now if you’re worried about needing some more cinnamon and sugar to cover those naked edges than just look to the bottom of the bowl where you’ll find a sight to satiate even the sweetest sweet tooth. Don’t think I didn’t take full advantage. I don’t know why cinnamon-sugar isn’t found mixed together on more restaurant tables. It’s simple and delicious.


Here’s the rest of the dessert options with price on the right…

Jaime’s Cookies     8
Stanton Social Chocolate Tasting molten chocolate cake, panna cotta, mousse, peppermint patties & sorbet     16
Lime Semifreddo with lemon sorbet and candied limes     9
Coffee Mousse Bomb white chocolate glaze & espresso ice cream     10
Michelle’s Warm Peach Ginger Pie with candied ginger ice cream     9
Strawberry Shortcake Sundae strawberry ice cream, vanilla whipped cream with buttermilk biscuit & toasted almonds     8
Cheese Plate humboldt fog goat cheese, grilled raisin brioche & truffle honey     9
Il Laboratorio del Gelato Ice Creams & Sorbets     6
Chocolate Malted Milkshake Shots     3 each

I’ve only heard about the cookies, which are small but served warm like the doughnuts. All of the choices look pretty delicious. I’ll be back soon to investigate.

The Stanton Social

99 Stanton Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 995-0099

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13 Responses to “The Stanton Social’s Warm Doughnuts: Decadent & Delicious, Sauces not necessary”

  1. DDR Says:

    McCormick & Schmidt used to have, and may still have, a dessert called “Drunken Doughnuts.” They fry up a fresh batch of doughnuts, dump your order in a paper bag half filled with confectioner’s sugar, seal said bag, and shake vigorously.
    Then they serve you the bag itself with 3 housemade jams of various fruits.
    A sight to behold.

  2. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    That’s sounds awesome. I work right around the corner from that joint, I’m going to have to look into it because anything greasy and served in a paper bag is food heaven. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll let you know ASAP if this still exists.

  3. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Wait do you mean McCormick and Schmick? If so, I just called them and they didn’t know about any donuts. Damn.

  4. DDR Says:

    I had it in the DC McCormick about 5 years ago. I guess it didn’t last on the menu. I forgot to add that they called it “drunken” because they added rum to the batter. Or maybe to the oil. It was decadently sweet.

    But hey – what do I know – I probably work for McCormick & Schmitt and Levain Bakery at night after I get off my day shift at The Cottage. All while working as a (more than) full time attorney. I must be Batman.

    By the way, this blog is very good.

  5. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    First off thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. We come from a humble beginning, you and I, so it’s glad to hear that after King of Ketchup so gracefully welcomed you to the site.

    The funny thing is, work for Levain or not, and I know you’re kidding, those chocolate chip walnut cookies are still one of the best things Ive eaten in all of New York. They’re amazing and they’ve never disappointed.

    And since McCormick and Schmidt doesn’t serve the donuts here’s a great article on fried donuts and fritters in NYC from

    Enjoy and thanks again DDR

  6. DDR Says:

    I went through a short-lived Levain addiction last summer. I would time my departures from work so as to arrive at Levain just before they closed. Once, while walking to the subway to hit Levain, I ran into Nicholas Kristoff of the New York Times outside what is now the Brooklyn Diner. I quickly engaged him in a conversation and then realized I would miss closing time if I dallied. So I weighed the value of having an interesting conversation with a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist versus having a snack. Should’ve seen his face as I ran away from him, shouting “Sorry. It’s walnut chocolate chip!”

  7. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Great story which says it all and as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar once said “We’re Not Worthy!”

    We need to find some cookies that can even be mentioned in the same breathe. I automatically eliminate city bakery’s chocolate chip cookie from the mix. Thoughts?

  8. DDR Says:

    One of the great mysteries of the 21st century is figuring out how it’s possible that City Bakery’s c.c. cookie comes from the same oven and bakers as the pretzel croissant.

  9. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Just when I thought there was no reason to go back to City Bakery…

  10. DDR Says:

    I don’t know too many baked goods with their own web sites.

  11. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    I checked out that pretzel site, there was nothing on it…

    Here’s a great gridskipper mapped out article on HIGH END DONUTS

  12. DDR Says:

    Not true. There is a little bit of content on the site but you have to click and be patient. Not really worth going back, but just letting you know.

  13. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    You are correct sir, there is stuff on that site. I went on from Internet Explorer and it didn’t work but it did on firefox. That croissant looks might tasty.

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