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NYC Food Guy Recommends… French Fries

March 28, 2008

French Fries. They’re NYC Food Guy’s guiltiest pleasure. That being said, only a few places in the city really do something special with our potatoey friends. I’m a purist at heart but I can’t turn down fries slathered in melted cheese or chili or both. I’m here to direct you to a few spots who exemplify French fries at their finest…


Read on for some of the greasiest, crispiest, heart-stoppingest, and most delicious French Fries this city as to offer…



Burrito Box & Tuscany Catering: Midtown Redux

March 26, 2008

NYC Food Guy shines the spotlight on two Midtown spots that are still as good as the 1st time I reviewed: Tuscany Catering & The Buritto Box.


They were delicious the 1st time, curious how things could get better? Read on…


Pizza and a Burger near MSG: New York Pizza Suprema & Stout’s Bacon Cheeseburger

March 25, 2008

NYC Food Guy loves pizza and burgers so Saturday afternoon I figured why not have both. I grabbed two Sicilian slices at New York Pizza Suprema, where they take pizza seriously enough to prepare 3 different sauces for various pies, and a bacon cheeseburger at Stout NYC, which was voted 2007’s 10th best burger in NYC by Citysearch.


Can you guess which place NYC Food Guy will not be returning to? Read on to find out if you’re right…


NYC Food Guy Recommends… The Always Room For Dessert Edition

March 22, 2008

Dessert time New York! Why? Because NYC Food Guy said so. Leave some room or skip dinner all together because it’s time to satiate your sweet tooth in a whole new way and I’m going to tell you how.


Read on for some mouth-watering desserts that flip the script on the old standards…


NYC Food Guy’s Cheap Eats: Hale & Hearty’s $4.69 Large Salad

March 19, 2008

No more getting ripped off for a make-your-own salad at the “we have it all” deli because for $4.69 you can get a large Romaine or Mixed Green salad with 4 free toppings (shredded carrots, sliced cucumbers, sliced red onion, and crispy croutons) at Hale & Hearty.


Select the dressing of your choice (NYC Food Guy recommends Hale & Hearty Vinaigrette) and choose between a hearty piece of sourdough or multi-grain bread and you’re in business. The salad makers are usually pretty good about giving you a little extra, toppings or bread, free of charge. So get over there and eat cheap, there’s 19 locations in Manhattan alone.

NYC Food Guy Creation: The 24-Hour Homemade Chipwich

March 18, 2008

So after a late dinner in SoHo last night, my lovely date and I were craving something sweet to top the meal off. Houston’s was closed so no brownie sundae. Banana Pudding to go from Blue Smoke? Also closed. This is when New Yorkers should praise the lord for 24-hour bodegas. Every bodega has cookies and every bodega has ice cream and in NYC Food Guy’s estimation, you can never go wrong combining the two.


For delicious dessert at a rockbottom price, read on…


Pampano Taqueria: Midtown’s Best Pork Tacos & Fish Tacos

March 17, 2008

Notoriety through anonymity; a phenomenon strengthened by its own hypocrisy. What is it about a little-known establishment that makes it so much more alluring?

Well in a city where people pride themselves on having “a guy” or “knowing a place” that’s ideal for what you need, it’s no surprise that Midtown’s best pork & fish tacos can be found in the basement of an office building.

Mexican style pulled pork with Pico de Gallo & guacamole ($2.75)

Find out why Pampano’s Tacos take the Midtown crown after the break.


NYC Food Guy Recommends… Manhattan Edition

March 14, 2008

Since I haven’t been able to post a serious review in the last few days, I wanted to give the loyal readers something for sticking with the Food Guy while things are thin, granted the EV Food Tour (below) is enough food for a month. If I get some good feedback, I’ll do this every week.


Read on to find a great place for every meal this weekend…


East Village Food Tour Part I: Crif Dogs, Thai Me Up, Vinny Vincenz, Zaragoza, Vanessa’s Dumplings, & Cecel Cafe Crepe

March 11, 2008

NYC Food Guy loves the East Village for its culinary variety and it’s old school New York vibe. What better way to celebrate the diversity than a food tour? But with almost 300 eateries south of 14th Street and east of 3rd Avenue, how would I narrow my tour down? Simple, I imposed two requirements: 1) A meal had to be under $10 and 2) There could be no wait staff. Bonus points awarded to late night spots.


Miss Menu & I hit 6 spots Sunday and were pleased with every spot except one. Read on for bacon wrapped hot dogs, Thai food in a baguette, excellent Sicilian pizza, authentic Mexican tacos, surprisingly good steamed veggie dumplings, and some unique crepes…


Belly Delly Deli: Decadent Sandwiches in Times Square 24 hours a day, but is it better than Lenny’s?

March 6, 2008

I used my Menu Pages method (detailed in a great Midtown Mexican food article) to take a break from Lenny’s the other night and it led me to Belly Delly Deli where I found the aptly named Crazy and Turkey, grilled Boar’s Head Honey Maple Turkey, with melted Swiss, grilled red onion, chopped tomato, and Russian dressing on a grilled garlic hero. I naturally added some lettuce and well done bacon because that’s how NYC Food Guy rolls.


Next time I’ll pass on the garlic hero (merely butter and garlic powder) but this sandwich, made fresh to order, was delicious. And if that’s not enough, this place is 24 hours (delivery ends at 7pm) and the other hot sandwiches sound awesome too. Located on Broadway between 49th and 50th, Belly Delly Deli is the first “we have it all” deli to actually impress me. But is it better than NYC sandwich juggernaut Lenny’s?

Read on to find out which sandwich shop takes the Midtown crown…


Doughnut Plant at Dean and Deluca next to 30 Rock

March 6, 2008

For those who don’t all ready know about the Doughnut Plant’s uniquely delicious doughnuts, you can discover the glory of the Lower East Side landmark without leaving Midtown. Dean and Deluca right next to the Today Show studio serves up a small offering of the diverse Doughnut shop’s menu daily. Below is the glazed toasted almond, which was airy and coated in chopped almond but not as delicious as the Good Humor ice cream variety.


I’ve been down to the LES spot, which is closed on Mondays (I’ve fallen prey to that) and closes as soon as they run out of doughnuts when they’re open (I’ve fallen prey to that as well). When I finally did make it there I found Coconut cream Doughnuts, Passion Fruit Glazed Doughnuts, Churros, and what I thought was the best: the Glazed Tres Leche cake doughnut with a ring of creamy custard running around the entire thing. If you do decide to head downtown, make the most by picking up some legendary Kossar’s Bialys next door or grab a pizza in the outdoor backyard of Isabella’s.

More great desserts here.

Telepan Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries & Onion Ring “Volcano”: Amazing First Courses Save an Overhyped Burger

March 6, 2008

After reading Time Out New York’s article on the Top 10 Burgers of 2008, I knew it was time for NYC Food Guy to see if these burgers were worth the fuss. First stop: Telepan. The opportunity to eat this mini burger is only available as part of the 3 ($28) or 2 ($22) course lunch prix fixe or the weekend only 2-course brunch prix fixe ($28), which I indulged in.


The burger is served with crisp bacon, melted white cheddar, housemade pickles, lettuce, tomato, crispy shoestring french fries, and an onion ring “volcano”. At brunch, you also get a complimentary housemade bread basket with some delicious cakes including a damn tasty cinnamon muffin. As far as the burger goes, harmony of flavor was lacking. My overall thought was “charred and salty.” My first course, the Semolina Cream Crepes with sauteed butternut squash and brown sugar sauce, were delicious enough to save the meal.

Read on the find out what defines a fancypants burger and how something so well crafted fell flat…


The Stanton Social’s Warm Doughnuts: Decadent & Delicious, Sauces not necessary

March 5, 2008

Next time your downtown and on the prowl for some great dessert in a trendy atmosphere, head over to The Stanton Social where you can find these ridiculously delicious cinnamon and sugar covered warm doughnut holes with three sauces for dipping: chocolate, caramel, and raspberry.


I’ve heard Stanton Social also serves great food, including Kobe Sliders and French Onion Soup dumplings. I haven’t tried either but the doughnuts were amazing enough, even without the sauces, for me to go back.

For a trip to cinnamon-sugar heaven, read on…


Brooklyn Diner’s Cheeseburger Deluxe: Midtown’s Best Burger is worth the price

March 4, 2008

$15.95. Yes, $15.95 for a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and some frizzled onions on a buttered and grilled brioche bun. I realize this breaks the bank for most burger lovers, crossing into “fancy burger” territory, but let’s be serious. Look at this burger. It’s a behemoth, it’s knee-bucklingly delicious, and it has never disappointed at the restaurant or by delivery. In Midtown I love The Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien for its flame broiled flavor and shoe string fries, but if forced to choose, I’d take Brooklyn Diner 9 out of 10 times.

Brooklyn Diner’s Bacon Cheeseburger is one of the best, read on to find out why or check out more of my New York Burger Tour here