Levain Bakery: The Best Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie on the Planet


Yes, I went that far; the planet and maybe the universe. Look at that mountain of chocolaty cookie euphoria. Have you ever seen something so knee-buckling-ly delicious? I realize that was a mouthful but so are Levain Bakery’s Cookies, easily weighing in at almost half a pound each, SERIOUSLY, half a pound of buttery, crumbly decadence.

Read on for a look at more of the mouth-watering, spine-melting insides…

There’s not much NYC Food Guy can say about these cookies that you can’t all ready see for yourself:

I always marvel at a cookie whose surface belies its insides. Crisp, and crumbly becomes chewy and transcendent with every bite. That’s how it is with Levain. You can sense the adventure your taste buds are about to undertake as you hold one of these cookies, lightly inhaling that magical scent, transporting you back to age five, watching and waiting with dire anticipation for Mom’s cookies to appear from the oven, golden brown and delicious.

For those wary of walnuts, forget your fears.

Unless you fear is allergy based. Otherwise, the walnuts have a small but important presence, adding a subtle flavor which balances out the sweetness of the chocolate volcano lurking within.

Levain is easy to miss. It’s down a small flight of stairs on the north side of 74th St. about 20 feet off of Amsterdam Avenue.

Levain offers 3 other varieties of cookie:

  • Oatmeal Raisin with a hint of cinnamon and full of oatmeal and plump raisins. May well be the best Oatmeal Raisin cookie NYC Food Guy has ever had.
  • A Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookie which is more like death by chocolate than Levain’s self-proclaimed “chocolate lover’s dream”. These are made with dark chocolate cocoa and semi-sweet chips and are so buttery and rich, I recommend small bites spaced apart in a timely manner. Seriously.
  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies, called “the perfect combination of dark chocolate and peanut butter chips.” Believe it or not, I haven’t tried this one. It’s hard for me to not get the Chocolate Chip Walnut. Based on the track record though, how could you go wrong?

Levain also serves an array of breads, rolls, and other baked goods. I’ve spied some seriously gooey sticky buns with a disappointing lack of white frosting and some brioche dessert bread sticks in cinnamon or chocolate, both of which ended up being somewhat lackluster.

You really cannot go wrong with the cookies. So stick to what NYC Food Guy knows best: Delicious. Heed the word and head to Levain.



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22 Responses to “Levain Bakery: The Best Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie on the Planet”

  1. magic Says:

    “You can sense the adventure your taste buds are about to undertake as you hold one of these cookies, lightly inhaling that magical scent..”

    how lightly should i inhale the magical scent? i’m confused.

  2. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Well Magic,

    I guess thats for you to decide. Why don’t you go over to Levain and check it out for yourself. Try varying the depth of your inhalation and let us know what works best.

    Consider the notion that one does not have to inhale too deeply when they’re in a bakery to get a sense of the deliciousness they’re about to encounter. Keep that thought in mind while reading and I think you’ll get a clearer picture. Or like I said, just go to Levain and see why my praise is so high.

    NYC Food Guy

  3. DDR Says:

    To paraphrase Joe Esposito, Levain is truly “the best around.”
    Ask them to warm your cookie in the oven for 20 seconds if it needs it. That can make all the difference.

  4. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Long time no speak. That’s a hell of a recommendation, I don’t even know if I can handle that. These cookies are so damn good all ready. I’m going to have to ask for it next time. I don’t know how they make them so well. Hours later they’re still melty and chewy and just overall amazing.

    Have you had anything that compares?

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. DDR Says:

    The first time I asked them to warm it they put it in the oven and took it out before I had even taken a breath. I asked “why so stingy with the heat, man?” apparently the oven has harnessed the fiery power of ninety-nine suns. 20 seconds or so is all it needs. Anything more would burn the thing and harden the center’s soft mushy goodness.

    Have I had anything that compares? There is no such animal.

    Now if only people would pronounce the bakery’s name correctly, then you’d REALLY have something.

  6. betazen Says:

    Went here after I saw the Bobby Flay Throwdown.

    Not only the best cookies I’ve ever had but the biggest as well! They looked more like little crumbly pies at first sight. When I went they were still warm and the chocolate in all the cookies I had were melted!

  7. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    What happened on with Bobby Flay?

    Yea these bad boys are monsters, nearly half a pound. Best cookie ever. I can’t wait to get them after having them go back in the oven.

  8. betazen Says:

    Bobby Flay lost to Levain Bakery! He had a really flat sad cookie in comparison though.

  9. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Good for Levain. That’s pretty cool. F Bobby Flay, he’s a tool.

  10. shaun Says:

    i need the recipe for those cookies. i live in ohio. i’m not sure when i will be able to visit the store to buy any.

  11. shaun Says:

    i wish there was a store around me to buy those cookies. i went to bed after watching the bobby flay throw down last night and woke up thinking about those cookies. i cant stop looking at them on the internet. i might have to break down and get some shipped to me.

  12. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Yes, you need to have these cookies shipped to you. Heat them up for a tiny bit before you eat them and you are in for an unbeliveable experience.

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    […] Simply The Best Levain Bakery’s cookies ($3.75 each) are simply the best. I’ve said it before and after eating at least 2 every week for the past month, I’m saying it again. […]

  14. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    I think Bobby Flay loses way more throwdowns than he wins. Unlike Iron Chef, who almost never loses – including Bobbly Flay.

    Bobby went against Tony Luke on Philly cheese steaks, and lost definitively.

    And Mesa Grill was a huge disappointment, too.


  15. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    Bobby Flay is pompous and annoying. I’m not a fan. I do respect the concept of his Throwdown show though because it showcases smaller restaurants that might not get the publicity bigger guys do. Respect to Flay’s people for getting the right opponents for him and not padding it so he wins.

    I haven’t been to any of his restaurants but I did just hear from a friend that Bar Americain was overpriced and small-portioned. When did you go to Mesa Grill and what did you get?

  16. Dr. Dyspepsia Says:

    Mesa was YEARS ago. Overpriced, bad service, food ok, but not great, wouldn’t go back without a good reason. Can’t remember what we had.

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    […] Upper West Side. You can now enjoy the best burger I’ve had in a long time and then go eat the best chocolate chip cookie on the planet at Levain […]

  19. Rob Says:

    Wow, I was introduced to these amazing cookies from a friend of mine who sells them espresso, which is also amazing! He said you will never eat another Mrs. Fields cookie again! So we waited until they came out of the oven and I was hooked!

    I live in Manhattan Bch Ca now and I go back for the holidays to NYC and I eat a dozen cookies during my stay. My favorite is the traditional choc chip with walnuts. You have it with cold milk and you feel like a little kid again! I travel all around the US and if you come to NYC you MUST make this a part of your trip! See you Christmas!

  20. The NYC Food Guy Says:


    I couldn’t agree more. Warm cookie, ice cold milk = homemade deliciousness. Check out Jacques Torres for chocolate chip cookies when you get back. Its a block away from Levain, on Amsterdam near 73rd street.

  21. Sweet Freak Says:

    These are like crack. I know they’re amazing. I remember them being the best. But just one look at your photos, and I am amazed again at how perfect and gorgeous they are. I need one, now.

  22. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Sweet Freak,
    They really are perfect and gorgeous, the last few people I’ve spoken to have not had the same to say unfortunately. I, on the other hand, will promote them to anyone who will listen

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