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Cornershop Cafe: Good Variety in a Great Location

February 28, 2008

Big snowflakes fluttered from the sky last Friday in New York City. It was a great day to find a cozy, laidback brunch spot with big mugs of strong coffee and rib-sticking food. Cornershop Cafe, on Bleecker and Broadway, provided just that.

NYC Food Guy ordered an irresistible sandwich. Sliced Banana, crunchy peanut butter, and honey on cinnamon raisin, cranberry, and walnut bread grilled in French toast batter. It was nearly perfect, read on to find out why it just missed the mark.


My lovely date, however, was very pleased with her free-range egg white omelette with goat cheese, broccoli, and tomatoes.


Centrally located between SoHo, the West Village, and the East Village, Cornershop Cafe provides a laidback atmosphere for flavorful, innovative, and sometimes organic takes on traditional brunch fare.

Read on for the review and some delicious dessert pics…



Revamped Donovan’s Pub of Bayside Still Can’t Match Pre-Renovation Burger

February 28, 2008

Before you jump all over NYC Food Guy, I admit, it was a good burger. It was juicy, cooked to order, and the onions, despite not being up to par with the pre-renovation style, were better than my previous visit. In the end though, it just wasn’t as good as pre-renovation.

The burger patty wasn’t as big, the bun was burnt, the onions were too greasy and not burnt enough, and the ketchup situation was dismal. No more bottles of Heinz, just little thimbles of ketchup which we had to ask for more of at least 6 times. King of Ketchup was furious. Our waitress even admitted she hates that ketchup isn’t served in bottle.


In the end, after eating a renovated Donovan’s of Bayside burger for the second time, I was pleased but not wowed. The burger certainly stuck with me like it used to (I tasted fried onion the rest of the day) but it wasn’t up to par with pre-renovation. I don’t know what they changed in the kitchen but it’s just not the same. If I want the authentic, no frills Donovan’s Burger experience, I’m going to head to Woodside where it all started.

Read on for more greasy burger pics or check out my first review here


Community Food & Juice Misses the Mark Again

February 20, 2008

It’s Pancake Month according to So when my family told me they’d be coming into Manhattan for breakfast, NYC Food Guy said “Community Food and Juice“.

Community, the UWS healthy/organic sister of Clinton Street Baking Company, serves the same legendary pancakes and French Toast as its sibling, the latter of which I enjoyed a few months back.

My previous enjoyment, however, came with some displeasure. The Grilled Cheese wasn’t melted well and the fries were soggy and weird. Community was a few weeks old at that point, so we chalked it up to finding their groove. Unfortunately, I felt the same way today, months after “finding their groove” lost its lease as a valid excuse.


How can you go wrong with Blueberry Pancakes, a smoothie, and a bacon, cheese omelet? Read on to find out.

Plus, a look at the new juice & smoothie bar.


Five Guys taking on Burger Joint & Corner Bistro? Let the Burger Wars Begin!

February 13, 2008

Five Guys Burgers & Fries opened their 2nd Manhattan Branch on Bleecker St. and 7th Avenue South. Below is my report from back in November…

Word on the street is Five Guys will be opening another location on the corner of 7th Avenue and Bleecker Street diagonal from Caliente Cab. They are reportedly in possession of the entire building and may open a bar serving, but not affiliated with, Five Guys grub. If they’re serving until 3 or 4 am, they’ll be in direct competition with Corner Bistro in the West Village in addition to already competing with The Burger Joint in midtown. Let the Burger Wars Begin!


296 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 367-9200

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Rigoletto Pizza: Upper West Side Success

February 13, 2008

I’ve been meaning to stop in at Rigoletto Pizza for a few months, hoping to grab a slice while walking to work. Unfortunately, I’m always running late and it wasn’t until a frigid Monday night that I grabbed a slice. Better late than never, Rigoletto’s plain slice passed the test. The search for the best slice on the UWS continues, but I’ll be eating at Rigoletto again before then.


Read on to see how Rigoletto stood up to NYC Food Guy’s Pizza Test…


Kensington Kosher Deli & Panchos Border Grill: No Frills Deli Done Right & Quality Tex-Mex Shine in Great Neck, NY

February 9, 2008

It’s time for you to take a trip to Great Neck, New York. Why? Because once you arrive you can head over to Kensington Kosher Deli for one of the most delicious sandwiches you’ll ever eat. You’d never think the sight of men in aprons would be relieving, but you know they wouldn’t be wearing them if they weren’t damn proud of their food. You can’t go wrong with the standard fare of steaming, fatty pastrami, cut thin and piled high but trust the NYC Food Guy and go for Brisket with fried onions and gravy on a club roll and an order of steak fries, well done, as seen below….



Great Neck is 40 minutes from the city on the LIRR. Learn the essentials at Kensington Deli and Pancho’s after the break.


Pongsri Thai: Mediocre Drunken Noodles in Midtown West

February 8, 2008

Pongsri Thai, the self proclaimed “oldest family-run and operated Thai restaurant in New York City”, needs to update their recipe book.  Their Pad Key Mao, or Drunken Noodles, (stir fried broad noodles with basil and chili paste) fell flat in regard to my usual expectations for Thai food: An array of flavors and texture in every bite.


The pork was tender and tasty but continue reading to see why you can pass on Pongsri…


Bella Napoli: Midtown West’s Best Slice Joint

February 6, 2008

I made the claim, now deal with it all you Ray’s lovers. Bella Napoli’s pizza is thin, crisp, and authentic and as long as we’re all paying $2.50 for a single slice of pizza, the least we can do is ensure that it’s a slice that will fill us up, an area where Bella never disappoints.


Bella Napoli is not only delicious, it’s the best slice for its price in Midtown West, find out why after the break…


Levain Bakery: The Best Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie on the Planet

February 5, 2008

Yes, I went that far; the planet and maybe the universe. Look at that mountain of chocolaty cookie euphoria. Have you ever seen something so knee-buckling-ly delicious? I realize that was a mouthful but so are Levain Bakery’s Cookies, easily weighing in at almost half a pound each, SERIOUSLY, half a pound of buttery, crumbly decadence.

Read on for a look at more of the mouth-watering, spine-melting insides…


Super Bowl Feast + Underdog Lounge Wings + Giants Win = Happy NYC Food Guy

February 5, 2008

Big Effin Blue. The Giants have done the impossible. Three straight playoff road wins and a NFL record 11 straight road wins overall. It was a total team effort, strong and determined, similar to the display put on by the NYC Food Guy and friends as they feasted, at work, during the game.

Amazing wings, greasy pizza, corn and potato chips, fresh veggies, 2 kinds of dip, salsa, Morton’s steak sandwiches.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.


A Closer Look After the Break…


Josie’s Brunch: Good Effort, Poor Execution

February 2, 2008

Josie’s calls themselves “Friendly fun and fabulous for you” and “a beacon… of healthful and wholesome ingredients.” That’s fine and dandy but when you’re charging $14 for fruit and three chocolate chip pancakes with around twelve chocolate chips plus $3.25 for a tiny cup of thin, weak coffee (granted it’s bottomless), I start to question the “friendly” and the “wholesome.”


More on why I found Josie’s to be ordinary and overpriced after the break.


Burrito Box: Maybe the Best Mexican Delivery in Midtown

February 1, 2008

My previous post detailed my delivery disaster with Blockheads Burritos. As a result, I still hadn’t quelled my Mexican craving. Thanks to my Menu Pages method of finding a restaurant, I took a chance on Burrito Box, a place I’d never heard of. The menu seemed to offer the no frills Tex-Mex I was looking for. For once, I assumed right. I can’t crown it the best after one visit but I’m looking forward to eating here again.

Corn chips, grilled chicken tacos, and half of a grilled chicken and steak quesadilla all for $20 including tip.


Discover my Menu Pages method for finding great new restaurants plus what makes Burrito Box so good after the break.


Blockheads Burritos in Midtown West: Grilled Chicken Tacos Don’t Impress

February 1, 2008

NYC Food Guy has been craving good Mexican food lately and despite a lackluster eat-in burrito at Blockheads on the UES over a year ago, I decided to give it another shot, delivery style. Unfortunately the double-shelled grilled chicken tacos ($8.95 for a platter of 2 with rice & beans) were merely mediocre and if that’s not enough, they forgot my chips and salsa.


Where Blockheads went wrong after the break.