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Lure Fishbar: $17 “Lure Style” Cheeseburger is Tasty but Overpriced

January 31, 2008

NYC Food Guy finally made the pilgrimage to Lure’s subterranean location on the corner of Prince and Mercer and this is what awaited me. Looks pretty delicious doesn’t it?


Find out why it didn’t live up to my expectations after the break.



Artisanal Bistro: The Worst $67 I’ve ever spent

January 30, 2008

I humbly throw myself before my loyal readers and admit that before Monday night I, NYC Food Guy, had never eaten cheese fondue. But now, thanks or no thanks to Artisanal Bistro, I’m completely bored by the concept of cheese fondue and I’m $67 poorer after eating one of the most mediocre, and as a result, overpriced meals of my life.


Find out how a fromagerie can mess up melted cheese as well as what you should avoid at Artisanal, after the break.


Cool In Your Code: Awesome site on everything NYC profiles NYC Food Guy

January 29, 2008

Any city dweller that’s ever watched NYC TV can testify to the hip and informative nature of all their programming. Whether we’re learning about new restaurants from the effervescent Kelly Choi on Eat Out NY or “getting thorough in each borough” with the sweet and sultry Shirley Rumierk on Cool In Your Code, fun and adventure are always a click away. Well now you can check out Shirley and the rest of the crew at Cool In Your Code’s website where the magnifying glass scans each of NYC’s 5 boroughs for an inside out look at everything exciting and delicious.

And if that’s not enough, Cool In Your Code recently profiled NYC Food Guy in their Around the Blog section. So head on over and check it out for great video tours and entertaining write ups on everyone’s favorite city.


John’s of Bleecker Street: Best pie in the West Village but not all of NYC

January 23, 2008

“In 1905, Gennaro Lombardi applied to the New York City government for the first license to make and sell pizza in this country, at his grocery store on Spring Street in what was then a thriving Italian-American neighborhood.”

That information, courtesy of Ed Levine, is the reason you’re looking at the beautiful pie below. While Mr. Lombardi created a lasting legacy at Lombardi’s with his transcendent white pies, John Sasso, one of Lombardi’s disciples, opened John’s of Bleecker Street in 1920, and created a New York institution of his own.


Find out what makes it the best pie in the West Village and why it’s not the best in NYC after the jump.


China Grill: Diverse Restaurant Week Menu Disappoints

January 22, 2008

Upon graduation from college in upstate New York over 2 years ago, NYC Food Guy jumped head first into the downstate food scene as soon as I returned home. When my first Winter restaurant week rolled around I was pretty disappointed to find so many boring menus from so many great places. China Grill, however, offered a diverse family style menu that sounded promising. The meal turned out to be pretty awesome. For the requisite $35 per person we feasted. Two years later, I decided to hit China Grill again, for lunch this time. Unfortunately, the food, full of potential, fell flat.


Sake marinated “drunken” chicken with ponzu sauce, sweet crispy onions and Asian slaw. Find out what went wrong after the jump.


Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop: Serious Sandwiches Worth the Trip

January 22, 2008

An unassuming black facade with no visible signage greeted me on the corner of Norfolk & Rivington. NYC Food Guy did it again, he traveled from the UWS to the LES only to find the darkness of a black security gate preventing another culinary adventure. Suddenly, my nostrils twitched, alive, that familiar scent floating in the air; frying bacon, it was near. And with only Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Schiller’s Liquor Bar, and a hardware store in the vicinity, it was a good bet that intoxicating scent, warming up the crisp winter air, was coming from inside Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop.

Owned by a vegetarian and known for their Big Mack Daddy, a beast of a veggie burger, (any sandwich can be tofu-ized) Tiny’s doesn’t forget about the carnivores and puts a delicious spin on some traditional sandwiches like the Spicy Rizzak: Sliced turkey, crisp bacon, melted cheddar, tomato, onion, and some seriously delicious Chipotle mayo with a real bite:


More delicious sandwich pics and a word on the Veggie Burger after the jump.


George Keeley: The Upper West Side’s Best Pub Burger

January 22, 2008

In the ultimate search for the Holy Grail of neighborhood bars, your “Cheers”, the place where “everybody knows your name”, George Keeley on Amsterdam Ave. b/t 83rd & 84th, stands as this haven for NYC Food Guy. Great bartenders and beer, free, highly addictive and delicious popcorn, and a solid dart board, George Keely embodies all that is good with a bar, and if that’s not enough, they have a half pound behemoth of a burger that is, until further notice, the best Pub burger on the Upper West Side.


More pics, what makes a great pub burger, and the mind baffling appetizer sampler after the jump or…

For a glimpse into a few of the UWS’s many pizza slice joints click here.


SoHo Park: Great place to chill, don’t count on the grill

January 16, 2008

Mother Nature has been a little zany of late, bringing us 60 degree days in January. This past weekend brought typically chilly winter weather and SoHo Park was the perfect spot to reignite the summer vibe. Purveyors of affordable food, tasty beer, and a pretty tasty chocolate milkshake, the laidback atmosphere of the airy restored garage is a more worthwhile reason to attend than the ordinary cheeseburger and Belgian frites.




Houston’s Warm Five Nut Brownie Sundae: Making Crumbs of an Old Standard

January 10, 2008

Few things are worse than an unsatisfied sweet tooth, especially after a delicious meal. Combine that with the monotony of most restaurant dessert menus and a Snickers from the corner store seems like a better option than a generic brownie sundae.

Fear not if you’re eating at Houston’s, because once you finish your cheesy spinach & artichoke dip, buttery cheeseburger, crispy fries, and fall off the bone BBQ pork ribs, the Warm Five Nut Brownie Sundae which awaits you is a decadent, chocolatey achievement of palatal perfection.

It’s also one of NYC Food Guys all-time favorite desserts.



King of Ketchup ripped off by UWS Cottage’s “All You Can Drink” Wine

January 3, 2008

***DISCLAIMER*** The review you are about to read is written by King of Ketchup NOT the NYC Food Guy. King of Ketchup is a friend of the site and his opinions do not represent those of NYC Food Guy.

As seasoned alcoholics and lovers of everything Szechuan, a few friends and I, King of Ketchup (not NYC Food Guy), decided to check out The Cottage last Friday night — a Chinese restaurant on the UWS that supposedly served unlimited wine with dinner. The Cottage (a ridiculous name for a Chinese restaurant) sits at the corner of 77th & Amsterdam, just a few blocks away from another Chinese restaurant with all-you-can-drink wine, Silk Road Palace. I went to “the palace” years ago when I was still underage, but I do recall that the speed and ferocity in which they continued to refill our empty wine glasses was incredible; at no point during the meal did we have fewer than two full carafes of wine on the table. So fast-forward to last Friday night, and let me walk you through the dining experience at the “other” all-you-can-drink wine restaurant, The Cottage.


Secret Lunch Spot in Midtown at Tuscany Catering

January 2, 2008

People constantly ask NYC Food Guy for below-the-radar places to eat. But with an army of food bloggers running all over NYC, that task is becoming harder. Thanks to Zach at Midtown Lunch, we might have just the spot: Time for NYC Food Guy to check out the chicken parm hero ($7.50) at Tuscany, a hole-in-the-wall catering spot that also serves quality, made-to-order Italian food to individual patrons.

A cheesy, sweet-sauced mess of a hero, the chicken parm contains some thick and well-fried white meat chicken cutlets, elevating it a notch above the Ray’s Pizza and Lenny’s of the world.


A well put together sandwich stands on its own. Read on to discover even more delicious options at Tuscany.


Check out more sandwich reviews here or


UWS Pizza: Celeste’s and Dean’s Pies are a notch above

January 2, 2008

While the search for the best pie on the Upper West Side continues, Celeste and Dean’s provide quality and affordable options a notch above most of the neighborhood slice joints.

Celeste’s Wood-Fired Margherita ($11.00, Cash only) covered with fresh, fragrant basil:


Dean’s Old Fashioned Sicilian aka Grandma ($16.00) and a slice from their Large Old School Round ($16.00):