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Peter Luger’s Cheeseburger: Luxury at Lunchtime

December 19, 2007


Peter Luger’s Steakhouse, the pinnacle of an old school chophouse and the purveyor of some of New York’s best steaks since 1887, serves a little-known and affordable ($8.95 – cash only) 8-10 oz. flame broiled prime beef burger at lunchtime. Pictured above on a hearty brioche bun with American cheese, fried onions, and a slice of tomato, this is one of NYC Food Guy’s Top 3 burgers in all of New York.



King of Ketchup’s 1st Post: Dinosaur BBQ Wings: Real F#*$in’ Wings, Right Off The Grill

December 18, 2007

In the spirit of spreading the word on as much food as possible, NYC Food Guy welcomes the opinions of eaters everywhere.

This marks the first post from King of Ketchup, a good friend of NYC Food Guy. He brings his brutally honest critique and well- honed palate to the proverbial table. Check it out and let us know how he did.


Sure, Dinosaur BBQ is a little bit out of the way. Harlem isn’t exactly the most convenient or desirable location to go for a meal, but if you’re a wing-lover, you might want to make an exception and take the trip uptown. These wings are for real, and nothing like the standard bar-wings most of us are accustomed to. Nope, they aren’t straight out of the freezer, they aren’t deep fried, and they aren’t served with an insufficient covering of generic Frank’s Red Hot.


Lenny’s 48th Street Smoked Chicken Deluxe: Delicious & Reliable

December 14, 2007

After the disaster at Backstage Deli last week, I went right to Lenny’s to satisfy my Midtown sandwich fix Thursday night. I ordered a Smoked Chicken Deluxe hero ($7.99 for hero or wrap, $7.25 on a roll; you should always get a hero), substituting the requisite smoked mozzarella with American Cheese and adding some Russian into the mix. I had three of these delivered for my friends and I and each was still hot and delicious; even the toasted hero held up. The only time Lenny’s has ever disappointed NYC Food Guy was when I ordered a roll instead of a hero.


Chicken Cutlet, Grilled Pastrami, Lettuce, Tomato, Dill Pickles, and Russian; a combo that never disappoints.


Backstage Deli: A Midtown Disaster

December 12, 2007

NYC Food Guy felt like a matador while walking around Times Square Saturday night, dodging hoards of stampeding tourists blinded by the flashing red lights of NYC. I was only in the area by pure necessity, scheduled to work at my real job; no self respecting New Yorker would venture to these parts in December. NYC Food Guy was feeling perturbed enough to not make the 3 block “trek” to Lenny’s for a sandwich to accompany my Katz’s chicken soup. Instead, on the recommendation of a co-worker, I went over to Backstage Deli on 49th St. b/t 6th and 7th Ave. (next door to Bella Napoli) where I had one of the worst sandwiches of my life.


That orange, yellow stuff in the middle, that’s actually lettuce & Russian.


Katz’s Deli: Carnivore’s Dream Lives up to the Legend

December 8, 2007

“This is not a restaurant for vegetarians”, said my friend Mark Lewis as we sat entranced by the overflowing Pastrami and Brisket sandwiches glistening with fat before us. It’s 12:30pm on a Friday and I’m eating at Katz’s Deli for the very first time. Yes, NYC Food Guy has finally arrived at what is arguably NYC’s last remaining monument to kosher style deli (kosher style, not kosher), and not a moment too soon; rumors of Katz’s imminent extinction have been buzzing for the last few years. After today’s meal, however, I’ve experienced the greatness and I will return, but more for the Brisket & Vanilla Egg Cream than the Pastrami.


For more amazing sandwiches and burgers click the links.


Vynl Bacon Cheeseburger & Pad Thai: Good effort, poor delivery

December 7, 2007

Despite looking cool from the outside, Vynl, a trendy diner with 4 locations in NYC (Hell’s Kitchen pictured), is just that: A cool place with a contemporary menu that serves everything from eggs all day to meatloaf and mashed potatoes to red Thai curry with jasmine rice.


My friends Lindsay and Teresa recommended the Chicken Pad Thai and the Turkey Burger, respectively, but NYC Food Guy doesn’t eat Turkey burgers. He eats Bacon Cheeseburgers, made of beef.

Despite Vynl’s admirable efforts, they came up big on glitz but fell short on delivery.

Both the bacon cheeseburger & the chicken pad Thai failed to impress. Find out why after the jump.


Wafels & Dinges Truck = Crazy Delicious

December 6, 2007

After reading about the Wafels & Dinges Truck on Grub Street last week, I had the miraculous fortune of unintentionally finding the mustard-yellow truck near Lincoln Center last Sunday. The “miraculous” refers to the deliciousness you see below. Let me just say three things: Nutella, whipped cream, and warm cinnamon waffle that tastes like a Cinnabon with the consistency of the finest cinnamon danish….



Bleecker Street Pizza: Nonna Maria Making a case for NY’s Best Specialty Slice

December 5, 2007

“The Best Specialty Slice in New York”, quite a claim I realize, but the Nonna Maria at Bleecker St. Pizza, with a bed of grated Grande Mozzarella supporting slices of Fresh Mozzarella and large dollops of garlicky, tomatoey Marinara sauce, all sprinkled with top-of-the-line Parmigiano-Reggiano, is a recipe for pizza perfection. That is one good looking pie; steam rising off the hot bubbles of mozzarella and chunks of tomato and garlic.


Terms of the “best” title and a delicious description after the break.


Ziggiz: Best Late Night Grease Pit Fries

December 2, 2007

Though their sign reads “Burgers, Philly Steaks, Burritos”, Ziggiz, a grease-pit which caters to Baruch students during the day and Murray Hill/Gramercy drinkers late night, is a place the NYC Food Guy craves mainly for their gluttonously large pile of addictive, skin-on, crispy, thin-cut French fries ($1.99).


One order is sometimes not enough, trust me I’ve seen it.