Koronet Pizza: Bigger does NOT equal better


Koronet Pizza on 111th St. & Broadway serves what is arguably the biggest slice in New York City. Unfortunately, that doesn’t equate to big quality. Then again, this might be the best drunk slice in New York; it’s the size of your head and you won’t feel bad about getting 2 slices because 1 at Koronet is the size of 2.


Look at that slice ($3) it’s as big as the tray.

Here’s the inside info on Koronet:

> The pizza tastes like your bona fide post-bar slice. Unimpressive sauce, cheese, and dough. But, post-bar, with the addition of some spices, it would get the job done. If you’ve had 99 cent Fresh Pizza over on 41st St. & 9th Ave, it tastes slightly better than that. Also, if you’ve ever hung out on Adams Morgan in Washington, D.C., this is exactly like the big slices there.

> It’s open until 2 am every night.

> It’s worth going to just to see the size of a pie of humongous slices.

> Check out pictures which better illustrate the scale of each slice here.


Koronet Pizza

2848 Broadway
New York, NY 10025-7816
Phone: (212) 222-1566


One Response to “Koronet Pizza: Bigger does NOT equal better”

  1. hayley (rusciano's wife) Says:

    Funny that you mention Adams Morgan….you must have been to PizzaMart (ugh)…. My suggestion for an enormous slice that is actually edible is Benny Tudino’s in Hoboken. Its not stellar pizza but it has to be better than that Kornonet slice looks.

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