Sugar Sweet Sunshine: Best Banana Pudding in NY?


Sugar Sweet Sunshine, a Lower East Side Bakery from two Magnolia Bakery alumni, tops Magnolia in cupcakes (try the chocolate on chocolate Ooey-Gooey, one of co-owner Debbie’s favorites) and more importantly in Banana Pudding.


What makes the Banana Pudding so good is the perfect ratio of ripe banana to Nilla wafer immersed in an orgasmic vanilla pudding that is a few degrees thinner than peanut butter and which you should probably sit down to eat.


What makes Sugar Sweet Sunshine so good as a bakery and a place to be is that it’s such a homey, relaxed place with so many different amazing dessert options that you feel like you’re part of the family when you get there. Comfortable couches and chairs as well as some small tables line the room. The kitchen is in view in the back and you’ll usually see Debbie (co-owner), who is awesome and great for recommendations, working on the cupcakes herself.

LES SECRET TO SUCCESS: Here’s a tip for you if you’re a little wary of traveling down to the LES just for cupcakes and Banana Pudding (though it is worth the trip). Go have some fall-off-the-bone ribs (Rib Platter ($20) Ribs and two sides; get fries and slaw) at Georgia’s Eastside BBQ with a glass of sweet tea, and then follow it up with a fittingly-Southern dessert: Banana Pudding at Sugar Sweet Sunshine. This is a maneuver I’ve exercised at least 5 times and have been more satisfied each time.


7 Responses to “Sugar Sweet Sunshine: Best Banana Pudding in NY?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    oh man, i was totally at SSS last night!
    …after stopping by Georgia’s for a slice of cornbread to go, hehe 🙂

  2. NYC Food Guy Says:

    Nice, Did you get some ribs there yet?

  3. wow Says:

    that picture doesn’t do that banana pudding justice

  4. Craig Says:

    better than virgils banana pudding?

  5. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Ha, notice I was careful to never say those words exactly. Virgil’s is some slamming Banana Pudding. They just don’t give you enough for your money.

  6. Janine Says:

    Lawrence– how about a post that settles the NYC cupcake wars once and for all–an exhuastive survey of the major cupcake players in the city? I still want your opinion on Crumbs’ apple caramel cupcake. I can also recommend the Sage Bakery carrot cake cupcake, available at Dean & DeLuca, with lots of enthusiasm…

  7. Dan Says:

    The move of ribs first then pudding is a must, sitting is also a must. liking the site lawrence.

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