Carnegie John’s Street Cart Burger: Backyard BBQ flavor in Midtown


The delicious food porn from the Vendy Awards has melted my skepticism for street food like a Mister Softee cone on an August day. As a result, I decided to test out NY Mag’s claim that “Carnegie John” Antoniou’s $4 cheeseburger is better than that of the Burger Joint.


Here’s the lowdown: John goes from griddle, to charcoal, then back to the griddle. Per New York, John says “it seals in the juice and gives everything a nice flavor.”

He was right about that, flavor was about all this burger had. John committs the patron sin of burger making: smushing the patty under the spatula, letting all the delicious juices escape. The result is a burger not far off from one your father cooked for you on July 4th.

The flavor is indeniably charcoal, which is a nice change of pace, even from the flame broiled deliciousness of The Burger Joint. The toppings, iceberg lettuce, a slice of tomato, and melted American, complement the burger well. It’s a burger you’d have been happy to eat every night in college (a Midtown steal at $4) and it will satisfy that nostalgic, simple desire for an unfettered taste of years past. If you’re looking for a transcendent burger experience in Midtown however, stick to Burger Joint, Brooklyn Diner, or Five Guys.

Here’s another great review of Carnegie John’s from Zach at Midtown Lunch

Carnegie John’s




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