UWS Pizza Tour: T&R, Freddie & Pepper’s, and City Pie all disappoint


My quest to eat a slice and maybe more at as many of New York’s slice joints as humanly possible begins in my UWS neighborhood.


****1st stop: T & R Pizza****
411 Amsterdam Ave (
Btwn 79th & 80th St)
Phone: 212-787-4093


1 slice ($2.25), 2 mini pepperoni rolls ($0.25 each) t-r-pizza-pepperoni-roll-close-ups.jpg

The Review: Generic but good taste, good crust (light and crispy), not enough sauce on slice. The little sauce there was tasted salty but was decent. The slice was a lot better after I added some red pepper flakes, oregano, and garlic.

Pepperoni Rolls: Great in concept. Small, with a tiny bit of cheese and 1 slice of ‘roni inside. Would have been better if I had some sauce to dip them in. Nice little snack though.

The Verdict: A good post-bar slice if you’ve had a few at one of the many Amsterdam Ave. watering holes. 1.5 out of 5 on NYC Food Guy’s Slice Scale.

Worth another try? Maybe for the sicilian slice. It looked good. Though no pic, the cheese and sauce were spread over the slice nicely.

****2nd Stop: Freddie & Pepper’s ****
303 Amsterdam Ave (Btwn 74th & 75th St)

Phone: 212-799-2378


1 regular slice ($2.25)


The Review: Greasy. Looks good, but picked it up and grease took over, made it all flimsy and it collapsed, lost the entire front half of cheese onto the table. Sauce is generic and didn’t really compelement the soupy cheese well. Crust was chewy inside, crispy outside, but pretty flavorles. Added spices and it was still pretty weak. Combo bite of crust and pizza still nothing special.

The Verdict: Not good but could be better if you asked for less oil and well done on the pie. Also a good post-bar slice. 1.5 out of 5 on the NYC Food Guy’s Slice Scale.

Worth another try? 2 reasons: 1) they have an old school fruit punch/grape juice fountain. 2) The Buffalo Slice. Looked pretty damn good. Check it out:


****3rd Stop: City Pie****

166 W 72nd St (Btwn Columbus & Amsterdam Ave)
Phone: 212-580-6969


1 regular slice ($2.00)


The Review: Undercooked. Potetinally good due to thin quality. But no crispy-ness killed it. Fold was good, chewy with no snap or collapse like Freddie and Pepper’s. Bland – no real flavor. Sauce was bitter, not good. Cheese not very gooey or chewey, just blah. Crust was thin and a bit sweet but mainly you taste the pizza oven. Combo bite was nothing special. Spices didn’t help.

The Verdict : Not good. 1 out of 5 on the NYC Food Guy’s Slice Scale.

Worth another try? Maybe, there was a fresh pie of half mushroom and tomato that looked pretty good, but after trying the regular slice I was down on City Pie.


4 Responses to “UWS Pizza Tour: T&R, Freddie & Pepper’s, and City Pie all disappoint”

  1. Richard H. Says:

    Doesn’t sound like you hit anything worthwhile yet. Have you tried Dean’s at 215 West 85th Street? Nick (of Forest Hills pizza fame) is a consultant in this restaurant operated by his sister Mirene. It has a great pedigree and sounds like it’s worth a shot (although I haven’t been there yet). I heard the grandma is the way to go.

  2. slurp Says:

    how do you give the TandR slice a 1.5 out of 5 and say its a good post-bar slice, but you call the freddie and peppers slice “not good” and it also receives a 1.5 rating….seeeems like this rating system might be flawed…

  3. Upper upper west side Says:

    What, you didn’t go to Sal and Carmine’s? You went to Koronet, but not Sal and Carmine’s at 2671 Broadway? It’s not as far north as Koronet.
    And what about Cafe Viva?

  4. The NYC Food Guy Says:

    Upper Upper West Side-

    It’s funny you mention Sal and Carmine’s. I’ve only recently moved to the UWS and already S & C’s has been recommended twice. I’m going to make it up there one of these days. I had it years ago but it was an old reheated slice, so I’ll go up for a pie and see what’s shaking. You have any personal recommendations for S & C’s or Viva?

    What’s the story with Cafe Viva? I’ve never heard of it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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